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iPhone 6 News, Specs, Rumors, Price & Details



iPhone 6 sizes

When Apple came up with the iOS 7, it was welcomed as one of the biggest changes in the iOS history, but the word didn’t stay the same for the device running it, as the iPhone 5s wasn’t called as a huge upgrade from its predecessor, and thus it would be the hardware section which should see some drastic changes this year, and the iPhone 6 is expected to launch with features which could take the user experience to the next level, of course, with similar upgrades in the OS version too.

The story began and continued with the medium sized screens for the iPhone from Apple, and even till iPhone 5s it is the same – 4-inch display, and thus Apple has never been able to pose a threat to the competitive brands which have already made a big number of phablets with screens bigger than 5-inch. The likes of Samsung Galaxy Note series held the monopoly with some excellent features and the accessories like S Pen, although might not have increased the productivity, but in the Eastern countries, these devices put up a symbol of status for many.

Apple iPhone 6 Rumors

Apple won’t really be ignoring all this, and the recent rumors have said that the company is looking to make larger iPhones, finally. This might be either due to the demand, or due to the competition – but for those who always cursed Apple for the only reason, i.e. the screen size, will have a reason to be happy. Early rumors and the leaked schematics suggest that Apple might come up with a 4.7-inch iPhone, and won’t end it there – as it’s also expected that a 5.7-inch hybrid might also become a reality.

The retina display with the 1136 x 640 pixels resolution is what Apple might stick to, and this would reduce the pixel density from the previous iPhone generations, but that shouldn’t be a factor to worry about, as Apple’s decision to increase the screen size itself should be a big news. But again, when you have to compare with the competitors, a Quad HD display is now going to take a place in the screens of the upcoming flagships from LG, Samsung and more, thus Apple should be considering this fact seriously before finalizing the display for the iPhone 6.

For the Apple fans, the name Sonny Dickson might be very much known, as he was the one famous for putting out the leaks for the previous iOS version and the Apple hardware, and he now says that Apple is going to use a new display called Ultra Retina, which would have a pixel density of 389 PPI, which is something a 5.7-inch iPhablet could get when using a 1080p resolution.

Apple iPhone 6 Release Date

It is as always, unclear. But Apple holds the WWDC every year for new announcements, and this time, it’s in June 2014 and we expect not just the software but some hardware announcements too, although Apple might keep something for surprise for the second half of the year. One version of iPhone during the WWDC 2014 and one in the fourth quarter of 2014, how would that be? A version of iPhone is also said to be coming in September 2014, if rumors aren’t wrong.

The pricing of the iPhone 6 will be premium of course, as Apple isn’t going to launch some dead rubber, and their limited devices make more impact than the countless number of devices from the other brands. The price for the iPhone 6 on contract is expected to be touching $300 or Apple could again keep up with the tradition and fix it at $200 with 2-year contract, but the off-contract pricing for sure would rise by a hundred dollars, thanks to what Apple might include in the newest premium smartphone.

Apple iPhone 6 Expected Features

A heart rate sensor – Is Apple copying Samsung here? For the Sammy fanboys, it’s a Yes, but who knows, Apple might already have had this in plans for the coming year and Samsung just included one in their flagship for this year, taking the title for being the “earliest”. But with the iPhone 6, we expect Apple to put an accurate and well functioning heart rate sensor, unlike what is there in the Galaxy S5 which isn’t the best with accuracy (we’ve tested it for days, comparing with dedicated heart rate monitors).

Simpler and more accurate fingerprint sensor – A fingerprint sensor on the home button is for sure an addition to the security of the data on the iPhone, but the accuracy wasn’t much as an exact and proper placement of the finger was needed for the home button to recognize and let the user unlock the screen. An improvement with this is expected.

A dedicated health app – When you have a heart rate sensor, a pedometer and a perfect smartphone, there’s a good need for apps which bring all these together and keep a track of the health of the user. S Health for Samsung does that, and there were rumors about a Healthbook app for iOS 8 was going to come, thus this should be a beautiful addition.

Thinner design – Apple is capable of making excellent designs for the smartphones, and with the screen size increasing now, one should expect to see the phone being thinner as there’s enough space under the display to expand the internal hardware by length and breadth, while reducing the thickness.

Better camera – iPhone users always talk about the beautiful captures with the iPhone camera, but the 16MP lens from Samsung in the S5 was brilliant. Apple should consider improving the camera, and make the image capturing even better, although we don’t expect Apple to jump over the line and come up with the number-more-than-needed 4k video recording feature in the iPhone 6.

There’s a lot more expected. After all, it’s Apple and there’s detail in every part of the device, thus the expectations are high. Are you an Apple fan? let us know which features you would love to see in the next iPhone!


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