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iOS WebView bug forces your iPhone to make calls repeatedly & freezes the UI



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From the past couple of months, we have been seeing a lot of different bugs on both Android as well as iOS. Most of them are resolved as of now which is a good thing since none of them wants to lack behind when it comes to security issues. Yes, when it comes to bugs and issues like this, iOS is comparatively better than other platforms. However, it is not completely out of it. Yes, this new vulnerability that just hit iOS is probably something that you should be aware of, as it might end up doing more damage than you can imagine.

According to the source, the bug which we have over here allows a user to tap on a link that will then force the device to call a pre-defined telephone number repeatedly. This is not your average bug of vulnerability that can be triggered from outside from an app or something. This is more of an actual bug in the OS itself that can be invoked using a purposely designed URL.If you remember, previously there was a bug that crashed a ton of Apple devices and forced to get into a boot loop when a unique of characters were received as part of a conversation.

This bug which we have over here today is of the same kind. If you receive this link or URL via any social media app like Facebook or Twitter or maybe WhatsApp for instance, tapping on it will force your user interface to lock up and the phone app will automatically make a phone call. This number to which the call will be made is pre-defined in the link itself. Now all that said, what if you get to know that Apple already knows about this bug? Yes, don’t be surprised but they do already know about the existence of this bug.

Back in 2008, this bug was invoked using any particular link opened via Safari. They fixed the issue via Mobile Safari however, they clearly didn’t care to check with theWebView baked apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Clearly, they didn’t expect this to hit since the last time they dealt with this was in 2008 and the iPhones were running on iOS 3 which was called the iPhone OS 3 that time. But hey, as you already know, you can’t get enough of these bugs ever. On the other hand, if you think this is not dangerous as it is not going to cause much harm, then you might want to think again.

In that case, you should probably ask the man, who was arrested for invoking more than 100 calls to his local 911 contact center in less than a minute. Yes, you guessed it right, the link which we ended up clicking had 911 as a pre-defined number. And now that the bug has made a comeback again in 2016 is giving shivers to everyone. The issue has been reported to Apple already and it is expected that the company will be rolling out an update in the near future with a possible patch for the same. Until, then if i were you, I would think twice before tapping a link.


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