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How to Install, Signup & Use Spotify in India on Windows OS, Android and iOS



Online Music Streaming is a thing now, and it is growing at a faster rate. Even in countries like India, where users personally prefer to store music locally on the device, music streaming services like Jio Music, Saavn, Ganna, etc. have become very popular now. Yes, definitely these services are not being used by everyone, but they are growing and are being used by many, many will continue to adopt them in the future as well.

But when you talk about the music streaming services, there aren’t many options available to the users. Yes, there are many good ones like the ones which are mentioned above, but we all know that Spotify is probably the best when it comes to streaming Top chart from some of the best music producers in the world. However, Spotify is only available in select countries as of now and unfortunately, India is not one of them.

Then how can one install Spotify and use it in India? Well, I have been using Spotify for a long time now, and today I am going to show you how to get all the goodness of this music streaming service in India. Do make a note that there is a different procedure for each platform like Android, iOS, Windows PC, etc. So make sure you follow the right one you want and follow the procedure for the same.

How to Use Spotify on Android?

  • First of all, in order to use Spotify on your Android smartphone, you will need the application installed on your device.
  • To do so, you will have to install the APK from a third party website. You can simply download the Spotify APK from our website. [wpdm_package id=’48525′]
  • Now next step is to install the downloaded apk. You might have to allow unknown sources for the same to work properly if you haven’t already.
  • Next step is to install a VPN app, which you will need to access the application and sign-up for the service. Note that any VPN application will do the job.
  • Once done, open the app and modify the settings within the same, just like you would do in any other VPN service. You can also use any other VPN service is you are already using one.
  • Now, Open the Spotify app and then Sign Up or Log in using your Email only. Email only because if you try to sign-up using your social network account, then it might not work since it might detect your real location.
  • Looking for next step? No, that’s it. If you have followed the steps above, then by this time you already have the app working on your Android smartphone.

spotify-on-galaxy-a9-pro android-unknown-source

With that out of the way for Android smartphone, let me show you how to make the app work on an iOS device. The procedure is little different here, so you might want to read this carefully.

  • The first step is to download the Spotify app from the App Store. This is the tricky part since you cannot simply install the APK like an Android smartphone.
  • In order to download the app from the App Store, all you need to do is, create an account with the United States as your location. You have to sign out from your existing account on your iOS device first and then create a new one for the same with a different location.
  • Go to App Store and click on any free app and click on GET. You’ll be prompted to login to existing Apple ID or create a new one, go for ‘Create a new Apple ID’ here.
  • Create a new Apple ID and do not forget to choose the country as ‘United States.’
  • While filling up the details, make sure you are filling up authentic details here. Try searching for local phone directory for phone numbers, etc.
  • You can also look up on Google to find the zip code of the location entered for the same.
  • Now download the App at this point and once done, you can now switch back to your old account.
  • Once done, install Tunnel Bear App from the App Store. You will need this app to sign-up with Spotify after installing. [appbox appstore id564842283?mt=8]
  • Once installing Tunnel Bear App, open it and change your location to the United States.
  • Now, open the Spotify app and then Sign Up or Log in using your Email only again. Using any of your social network accounts might not work, so use Email only.

app-store iphone-7 spotify-on-iphone

And that’s it. Not complicated at all right? With this, you can enjoy the free version of the App without any issues.

How to Use Spotify on Windows 10 PC or Mac ?

  • The idea here is to download a desktop client of Spotify in case of the Windows 10 and an application in case of Mac. Once that is done, you can simply log-in to your account or create one to use it without any issues.
  • Then, first of all, you will need a Spotify account to proceed. In order to create one, you will need a VPN service. You can use the one in this link here.
  • Once all setup, head over to Spotify’s website and create an account using Email. Once done, download the desktop client and install it.
  • You will again need a working VPN connection here, in order to log-in to the account which you created earlier.
  • If you have successfully logged in, then disconnect from the VPN and enjoy your Spotify desktop client.
  • Do make a note that the procedure remains more or less the same of Mac users also. All you need to do is install the Mac application from the Spotify website when using a VPN service and you will be good to go.

And that is pretty much it. If you followed the steps appropriately for the platform which you are using, then you have already installed the Spotify App/ client and it is now ready to be used. If you face any difficulty in any of the steps above or if it is not working, then start the procedure over again from the start to make sure that you are not making any mistake. Do let me know in the comments section below if this worked for you and if not then let me know what issue are you facing.

Note: This article is entirely for educational purpose and doesn’t support violating any company’s policies.


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