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InFocus M535+ Tips, Tricks, FAQs & Useful Options



InFocus M53+ is a new smartphone that has been unveiled by the company recently in India and will be the successor to the InFocus M535 that was launched last year. This handset from InFocus has been listed on the official website and is priced at Rs.11, 999. The device comes with a metal casing and is powered by a 1.3 GHz Octa-core processor coupled with 3 GB of RAM and Malli-T720 GPU. The handset comes with a 5.5-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a pixel density of 401 PPI. The device also gives an elegant feel with its metal casing and the company is also offering a free selfie stick worth Rs. 1000 along with the device.

InFocus M535+ comes with a 13MP camera on the front and as well as on the rear with a f/2.2 aperture with LED flash, and these autofocus cameras can record FHD videos also. Under the hood, there is a 2300 mAh battery to power the device.

Followed are the tips and tricks of the device which can be useful for its users.

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How to insert the SIM card on your device?

SIM card insertion is the very first thing that you do when you purchase a new device. To insert a SIM card on your device, power off your device. Now remove the back panel and insert the SIM card into their respective ports as per the marked direction and boot your device. You have successfully inserted SIM card on your device, and it will be ready for use in some time.

What is the type of SIM supported on F1this device?

InFocus M50 is a dual SIM smartphone supporting dual standby. The SIM card supported by the device is Nano SIM card with 4G connectivity. The second SIM slot is hybrid SIM slot that can either be used or insert a SIM card or to extended the memory.

How to share your Data network via Tethering on the device?

Sharing of the data network can be done using the tethering mode on your device. To share a data network on your M535+, open the settings and tap on Tethering & Hotspot in the wireless & network. In the new window, tap on WLAN hotspot and toggle the off button to enable that on your device. At a maximum of eight users can be connected to the Wi-Fi Hotspot you have created. You can add the password for your network by tapping on setup WLAN hotspot in the same window.

How to take a Screenshot on my InFocus M535+?

Capturing screenshot on any smartphone is a simple process. If you are using the M535+ smartphone, then to capture a screenshot on your device, you need to press the power button along with the volume down button to capture a screenshot. The captured screenshot is then saved onto the gallery that can be shared via any application.

How to check for the Android Updates on the device?

Android Updates help in fixing the minute bugs on your device and thus help in enhancing the performance of your device. To check for Android Updates on your device, open the Settings and tap on System Updates option and click on Update option. The device checks for updates and if there no new update on the device then a message stating “No Newer Update Available” is displayed on the screen.

How to Install external apps with apk files on the device?

External Apps can be installed by enabling the Unknown Sources option on your device. To install an external app on M535+, open the settings and click on security in the personal section. In the new window, toggle the button adjacent to the Unknown sources and click on the Ok button in the pop-up to enable that on your device. Now you can install any app with external apk on your device without any interruption.

How to customize the Quick Settings in the Notification Panel?

Customization of the quick settings in the notification panel is a simple process. Firstly, you need to open the notification panel and click on the Edit button adjacent to the settings cog. Now drag the apps among themselves to re-arrange them and click on the tick mark once you are done with it. You have successfully customized the quick settings on your device.

How to use the Power saving modes on the Infocus 50?

PowerSaving Mode is used to enhance the battery life of the device during the low battery conditions. The device comes with two Power saving modes, i.e., Power Saver and Super Power saving mode. Power saver is the standard power saving mode where as the Super power saving mode stops all the background applications and comes with limited options on the Home Screen thus help in battery customization. To use any of the power saving modes, open the settings and tap on Battery in the Device section. In the new window, you will find both the power saving modes. Now tap on any of the options and toggle the off button to enable that on your device.

What are the sensors available on the phone?

Acceleration, Gyroscope, Light Sensor, and Proximity are the sensors available on the device and helps in day to day life.

Are there LED notification lights on the device?

Yes, there are LED notification lights available on the device. To use them on your M535+ smartphone, open the settings and tap on display in the device section. In the new window, head over to the bottom and toggle the off button adjacent to LED option, to enable that on your device.

How to use the Screen pinning feature on the Infocus 50?

Screen pinning feature is available on the devices with Android Lollipop on it. M535+ comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow so to use this feature on your device, open the setting and tap on security in the personal section. In the new window, click on the screen pinning option in the Advanced section and toggle the off button to enable that on your device. Now open the overview window and click on the Pin button for the app that you want to pin on your home screen. Further, to unpin the pinned app you need to press and hold the back button and the overview button at the same. The screen is successfully unpinned from the Home Screen on your device.

What are the Pre-installed Apps on the device?

The device comes with Video player, Themes, Mobile Assistant, File Manager basic tools like Calender, Calc, Camera, Clock, few bloatwares and all the google related apps pre-installed on your device.

Can I Move apps from phone storage to SD card on this device?

No, there no such option available on the device using which you can move the Apps from internal to external storage on your device.

What are the bloatware applications on the device?

The device comes with bloatware apps like Facebook, Amazon and Opera Mini pre-installed on it.

Can I remove the bloatware apps from the device?

Yes, the bloatware applications can be removed by uninstalling them from your device. As the device comes with Android 6.0, you can remove the applications directly from the home screen. But M535+ doesn’t support the direct uninstalling feature of the Android M.

How much is the internal storage on the Infocus 50?

The device comes with 16 GB as its internal storage where around 10.53 GB of free space is available for the end user. There is also an option to extended the memory up to a maximum of 64 GB via microSD card slot.

How much free RAM is available on the device if no apps are running?

The device comes with 3 GB of RAM, and around 1.64 GB of free RAM is available when there are no apps running on the device.

Hot to Reset and backup the device?

To reset the device, go to the settings of the device and select Backup and reset option. Make sure you backup all the data that is important, and the battery on the device is more than 50%. This ensures that you do not lose any contacts or other important information.

Does the device support OTG?

Yes, the device does support the USB OTG using which you can easily share the Data from device to drive and vice-versa.

What are the motion gestures available on the device?

Motion gestures are used to activate few of the application by performing some set of actions on your device. The motion gestures available on this device are Turn over to rejects the call, volume quiet on pick up and shake the device to open the next song. To use these options on your M535+, open the settings and tap on the Motion option in the Device section. In the new window, tap on the check box adjacent to each of the options to enable that on your device.

What is Mobile Assitant and how to use that on your device?

Mobile Assitant is the application which is used to keep an eye on all the activities on your device and helps in accelerating the performance of your device by clearing the unwanted RAM and ROM on your device. This application comes with five options, Device Acceleration, Storage Clean, Power saving; Permission and threats; Modify fixed items. Now open the app from the App drawer and click on the Start Now to scan and clear the Data from your device and gives the device a perfect score depending on its performance.

Will the device get Android Marshmallow update?

The device comes out of the box with Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS with Inlife UI 2.0 on top and might also receive further updates by looking at its specifications, although there isn’t any official word from the company.

How to change the Theme on your device?

Changing the theme on the M535+ is a simple process as the device comes with an additional application using which you alters the theme on your device. To modify the theme on your device, open the Themes App from the App Drawer, you will find the list of the themes available on the device. Now click on the theme that you want to use and tap on the Apply button at the bottom of the screen. You have successfully changed the Theme on your device.

These are the tips and tricks of the device that can be helpful to its users. For more updates stay tuned to PhoneRadar and drop a comment to know more.


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