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InFocus M350 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



InFocus M350

InFocus, largely an electronics manufacturer, has forayed into the smartphone market in 2013, and since then it has launched its specific budget device in many Asian countries including India. Recently, the company announced its third smartphone in India, the M350. We have been using the device for a couple of days. Now let’s dive into the best tips and tricks that you can use on the M350 to make your usage efficient.

What are the Gesture & Motion features available on the InFocus M350?

InFocus M350 - Gesture and Motions

These days many devices are coming up with a gesture input features and M350 is not much different. With gesture inputs on this device you can do things like Turn over to reject call, silence the phone when you pick up call, Direct call & answer, shake to change the next song. To enable this feature, you have to launch the settings app first and head over to the Gesture & Motion option under System section. Tapping on that would open an option named, Gesture operate, you have to tap on it. Now you would see four options and checkbox in front of them. Tap on the check box to enable the features, it’s that simple.

What are the Power Saver modes available on the InFocus M350?

A power saver feature has become the necessary part of the smartphone system. Without having a feature to optimize the battery life wouldn’t be a wise choice. Though, the M350 has made a right choice. You can see a power saver option available on the Settings app. So, tap on the settings app and there you would have to go to the power saver option under device. There are five options that are very useful to you, and you can make enable them once you switch ON the power saver button. The options you let you lower your brightness to zero, turn off the data connection o Wi-Fi, setup a periodic wake-up, auto turn off the functions to save power when the battery level is low. Moreover, you can set your Wi-Fi to automatically switch off. This all is done when you switch ON the power saver, which is quite a convenient option.

What features does the Menu Button on Home Screen offers on the InFocus M350?

This quite a useful feature for a user who likes to customize the looks of the interface on their smartphones. This menu button lets you do so many things from changing the effects, adding a folder on the home screen. The most interesting thing though is that it lets you set preferences for scrolling, gestures, pinch and appearance. There is also a task manager inserted on the menu button for the easy access. It would, of course, allow you to clear the RAM on the device.

How to Switch between the Layer Modes on the InFocus M350?

InFocus M350 - Layer Mode

This is the best feature of any interface we can think of, all users would want on an interface is that they can make the app drawer appear or disappear. The InFocus M350 fulfills that wish of enabling or disabling the app drawer. To use this feature you have to go to home screen, tap on the menu button, and then head over to preference option. Now you’ll find a list, the most interesting option in that is the layer mode. There are two choices available under layer mode option; you’ll know when you tap on it. If you want the app drawer, then you have to select the two layers. Otherwise, you can stick with one layer mode if you’re not looking to get an app drawer on the interface.

How to set the Default app configuration on the InFocus M350?

If you like to keep changing your default apps on the regular basis, then this feature is quite interesting for you. The default app configuration lets you change the default apps on one-touch. To use this feature you would have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Default app configure option under the device section. There you can specify which apps you would like to set as default. For instance, if you want a third party app like your default dialer app, then tap on Dialer option from the list and select your third party dialer. It’s that easy.

What features does the Autostart Manager offer on the InFocus M350?

InFocus M350 - AutoStart Manager

This is quite useful if you’re a user who is particular about the apps running in the background. The Autostart manager would allow the user to restrict some apps to run in the background. To use this feature, you have to launch the Settings app and head over to the autostart manager under the device section. Now you’ll see few apps listed there, which you can put under restricted section tapping on the minus icon, or you can put them under allowed category if you want that app to run in the background. Moreover, it also allows you to clean apps running in the background.

How to insert the SIM card on your InFocus M350?

It is fairly easy to insert SIM card in InFocus M350. Firstly, you must turn off the device, then, remove the back panel carefully. You will find the SIM card slots directly above the battery with the mentions SIM1 and SIM2 respectively. InFocus M350 have both the mini SIM and micro SIM slots. Insert SIM in respective slots and close the back panel. Now SIM cards are successfully inserted on your device.

How to share your Data network via Tethering on the InFocus M350?

Sharing Internet from device to another can be done with the help of Tethering option available on the device. Firstly open settings, Click on the More option under Wireless & Networks. The new list will open, there you have to Tap on Tethering & portable hotspot and enable the type of Hotspot, which you require. The Hotspot can be customized where you change the Network SSID, Security, and password.

How to take a Screenshot on my InFocus M350?

Taking a Screenshot on InFocus M350 is an easy process. You need to hold the lock button and volume down button together to take the screen shot. The Screenshot is then saved to the gallery as well as accessible from the notification panel. Moreover, you can share it with another device from the same window.

How to check for the Android Updates on InFocus M350?

InFocus M350 comes with the Android 4.4.4 version of it. If you are looking to update the software on the system manually, then launch the Settings app, scroll down to the About phone. Next is you need to tap on the Software Update in the opened list. Click on Update, to know if your device has any updates available to install. If there are no such updates available then a message with a pop up “System is up to date” is displayed on a screen. But if any OTA is available then you have to download and follow the further instructions to install the software update.

How to Install external apps with apk files on the InFocus M350?

External Apps can be installed on the InFocus M350 by enabling the Unknown source option in security list in the settings menu. To do that you have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Security options, there you’ll see a checkbox in front of the Unknown Sources options. Now open the folder where the apk file is present in a file manager and tap on the Install button, now it would be installed as you’ve given the permission to the app.

How to customize the Quick Settings in the Notification Panel?

In InFocus M350, the Notification panel can be customized by clicking on the edit icon and that icon will appear once you pull the notification panel down. Sitting on the top corner with the settings icon, once you tap on it, a new window would open, where you could easily drag and shift the place of quick settings. After changing positions, you have to tap on done to save the new positions.

How to use the Power saving modes on the InFocus M350?

InFocus M350 - Power Saver

You are out somewhere with low battery on your device. If you ever come to in that situation, you needn’t worry about the battery life on your device. There are power saving modes available on the device. You can active the power saver mode that would increase your battery life by reducing the brightness, Data, turn off periodic wake-up, etc. In M350, you need to open the settings app and in the list under Device section you’ll see the Power saver. Toggle the Switch to ON to enable the power saving mode right away. You can also customize the options available in the Power saver like Screen, Data connection, Periodic Wakeup, Low Power Mode, Smart Switch. To open these options, you have to tap and hold the power saver option in the Settings app and the options would open a new window.

What are the sensors available on the phone?

Direction, G-sensor, Acceleration, light, E-compass, Proximity, Gyro, Linear Acceleration, Rotation vector are the sensors available on the InFocus M350. These sensors help in the basic operations of the device while some of them have a larger purpose and used by third party apps too. Such as the E-Compass Sensor would be used by any Compass application.

Are there LED notification lights on the InFocus M350?

LED notification Lights are available on the InFocus M350, you can enable the feature from the Settings app. Launch the Settings app and head over to the Display options, and tap on it. There would be LED Notification option, in front of that you’ll have to check mark the box, and that’s it.

What are the Pre-installed Apps on the InFocus M350?

Apart from the basic tools apps and Google Stock app, their certain apps that come pre-installed on the M350. The apps including WPS Office, Backup Tool, InFocus support, MeituPic, and Snapdeal are some of the pre-installed application on the InFocus M350. Most of these apps would be quite helpful in one or more things.

Can I Move apps from phone storage to SD card on InFocus M350?

Yes, there is an option in the apps setting where you can move an app from internal storage to the SD Card. First you need to launch the Settings app and head over to the Apps option. Tapping on it would reveal a list of all the apps available on the phone. Click on the app that you want to move. The detailed options would open, where you can see an option named Move to SD card. Once you tap on that option, a pop-up stating Moved to SD card is displayed on the screen. Now that app is moved to the SD card. But remember that only selected apps can be transferred.

How much is the internal storage on the InFocus M350?

InFocus M350 comes with 16GB of internal storage, where 3.67 GB is utilized by the Operating System, and 11.99 GB is available for the users.

How much free RAM is available on the InFocus M350 when no apps are running?

InFocus M350 comes with 2GB of RAM, and out of that 1.4 GB of RAM is available when no app is running on InFocus M350, which is quite good.


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