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India to become a global hub for hacking into any iPhone or other modern smartphones



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We all know, how secure an iPhone is and how difficult it could be to get into one of these. The recent battle between the FBI and Apple gave us a clear picture of the same. It is remarkable that how secure these smartphone is that both FBI and NSA were unsuccessful in the hacking the iPhone which was involved in the case for over several months. Eventually, a private company Cellebrite, with access to the hacking tech rushed in and saved the day. Well, as of now it is the only company to have hands on the tech used for the same.

But not for long. Yes, it has been reported that India is likely to have that tech in a month or so. According to our source, the Forensics Science Laboratory in India is currently negotiating with the private Israeli company over the purchase of the same tool. This tool was used by the company to unlock the terrorist’s iPhone. A senior FSI official quoted that they are likely to have the technology within a month or so from now. And with that, India will become a global hub for cases where law enforcement is unable to break into phones.

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This is indeed a great news as now India will have access to the technology. It has been noted that FSL has worked with Cellebrite before in the past on a few cases and it’ll now obtain the entire tool itself. The India Government official also stated that it is practically impossible to hack into an iPhone running iOS 8 or above. Only when you have access to this hacking tool, it can be made possible. And with the purchase of this new tool, it certainly will open up many new opportunities.

Well, if the deal goes through successfully, only the forensics labs in Gandhinagar, Western India will have access to the technology. And if in case any other government agencies need to use the tech then they will have to pay a fee to FSL-Gandhinagar and then make use of it. As of now, we don’t have any info on for how much India is paying to acquire the tech, but considering the fact that FBI paid a million-dollar-plus fee to get the iPhone unlocked from them, we are expecting some huge numbers here.


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