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Delete Cache Files & Increase Storage on iPhone with Phone Expander App



Phone Expander Mac App

There are times when the 16GB storage would have been more than enough, although, that’s not the case anymore. Well, at least among the iPhone users who are running iOS 8 on their devices. Particularly because of the tons of storage occupied by the OS, iTunes would say that the file is 1.2GB size, but the file that needs to be downloaded would rather ask for at least 5.7GB of free storage, which is somewhat not possible if you have tons of apps, music, and pictures, as well as videos on your iPhone or Pad.

So if you’ve been looking for a solution to help you manage and clean up your iPhone or iPad and dig up more storage space? Enter The Phone Expander, a Mac app to aid you in the quest of cleaning up your iPhone or iPad of all the unwanted files, right from your desktop.


The Phone Expander’s purpose is simple, and as you could imagine with all that is Apple. Currently in beta release, the Mac only compatible app offers a bunch of file cleaning functions you may be able to find in some iOS apps. Though, there may be some apps on App Store that would be able to help you in free space, but unlike the Phone Expander, which has a USP that it keeps the user educated about what’s taking up space and by how much.

We have tested the app on our iPhone 6, as well as the iPad 3rd generation, which is 64GB; even though, our iPad clearly wasn’t an ideal candidate for this demo, but the app showed that you could easily clear out the unnecessary temporary files on your device pretty neatly.

Below are the three ways through, which this app can help you clean up your iPhone without losing necessary files:

Clear App Caches

Every mobile platform has the temporary files storage, which acts as the cache for apps. That means there are some temporary files stored on your device, which is showed in the section in iTunes and cannot be removed directly via using the syncing software. Because, the Phone Expander empower you with this option and make it easy to clear out the cache memory from your iPhone or iPad. You can manually select which app’s cache you want to clear, but remember that clearing out the cache won’t clear out your login credentials.

Phone Expander - Clear Cache

 Remove Large Size Apps

The regular iPhone or iPad users are familiar with how problematic it is to remove apps within iOS or even using iTunes. But Phone Expander makes that easy too, as you can see the listing of all your apps installed on the device. Though, the most interesting point to note here is that, it would be sorted by the size, making it too simple to remove the large chump apps that you don’t want to keep.


Backup & Remove Huge Photos, Videos

It has been known for the fact that iPhone is largely used to take photos. For instance, most of the Flickr users are iPhone owners, and what we gathered from company’s site, there are almost 250k photos are uploaded every day with only iPhone 5s models. Now you can imagine that storage space is kind of sacred things to iPhone users. With Phone Expander, you can not only delete those photos or video recordings, but can as well as make a backup copy of them on your Mac. Isn’t that amazing!

Phone Expander - Back up & Remove Photos & Videos

How It Works

Well, now that you have learned what features the Phone Expander has to offer let’s talk about how does it worked. Since it is a Mac app, the iPhone or iPad needs to be connected to the Mac, where you will be able to perform the above-explained features of the app. After establishing the connection, it identifies what’s taking the most space, and then it allows you to choose what all apps, photos or videos you remove and can keep.


Even though, the Phone Expander is currently in beta for OS X, the app does almost everything that a large number of iPhone users have been waiting for it to come. Though, the app has not yet arrived on App Store for iOS devices, as well as there is No Windows app either.

Right now, the app is available to download for free only till it is in beta. Once it comes out with more features like Clear Music and others, then it will cost around $10 during its release in later this spring. So, point your browser to and get downloading!


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