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Huawei to Reportedly Announce Foldable Smartphone in November



Samsung has already begun working on the foldable smartphone and is expected to launch in 2019. Now, the latest report states the third largest smartphone brand Huawei has made few deals to announce a foldable smartphone as early as November 2018. Though ZTE had launched the Axon M with dual displays that can be folded, it actually sports two separate displays connected by a hinge. However, the ones we will be seeing from Huawei and Samsung will be true foldable smartphones with a single display with bendable nature.

Huawei is said to have made agreements with Chinese and international companies that are involved in developing the foldable smartphone technology. The company will be sourcing the display for its first foldable smartphone from LG. Back in 2017, LG announced that it will start the production of foldable displays in early 2019. The CTO of the company’s  Shanghai Research and Development Centre will be looking after the Huawei foldable smartphone project.

The company is also looking to come out with the blueprint of its foldable smartphones before Samsung. If the rumors are to be believed, Apple will also join the race in the coming years. Apple and Huawei will be sourcing the displays for their foldable smartphones from LG. However, Samsung might initially make this new technology exclusive just for them. While Huawei is planning to announce its foldable smartphone later this year, there is no information when the production will begin.

The company might be hoping these partnerships can help them to showcase the foldable smartphone to the world ahead of Samsung. The company has partnered with the Leica to develop the cameras for its flagship smartphones. With the newly launched Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, the company has some innovative cameras features including AI-based image stabilization. Stay tuned on PhoneRadar for more details!



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