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Huawei SuperCharge to compete OPPO’s  Super VOOC & OnePlus Dash Charger



With the growing smartphone needs, consumers are now looking for new features in a smartphone. We have seen a couple of them, like Fast charging. Fast charging as technology has evolved over time. With more and more manufacturers getting on board, we can expect some great results. But talking about this feature, it is worth noticing that few manufacturers are still lagging behind the fast charging game. One such manufacturer is Huawei.

But now it looks like the company is all set to come up something new here and may have something to offer to the consumers very soon. Huawei has filed a trademark application for something called SuperCharge. Well, as the name suggests, it is indeed going to be a fast charging solution. We don’t have anything on this but name, so let the speculation games begin.

It is worth noting here that the company has been working on a quick charge method. Last year, Huawei’s battery division revealed a prototype system that promised to charge 3,000 mAh battery up to 50 percent in only 5 minutes. That was rather interesting because getting a smartphone charged from 0-100 percent in 10 minutes is not a joke. But again there were a lot of speculation surrounding that, since achieving such speeds should be monitored properly so that it doesn’t affect the battery.

Talking about fast charging solutions, Huawei has a lot of tough competition to take care of here. OnePlus recently launched the OnePlus 3 with Dash charging feature, which is the company’s take on the fast charging. Dash charging technology has matured well, and it is said to be one of the best out there in terms of speed. It uses a 5V 4A for a 3,000 mAh battery. The device gets charged to 60 percent within just 30 minutes. Users don’t have to worry about heating issues as well. There is a heat dispersion system element added in the Dash Charge Adaptor, which empowers it to manage any heating issues before it reaches to the device.

It is surprising to see so much innovation with this. Dash Charge allows five layers of protection to safeguard the adaptor, cable and phone itself. Check out our full detailed content on Dash Charging. On the same lines, we have another technology called as the Super VOOC. This is capable of charging a 2,500 mAh battery in just 15-minutes and can charge up to 45 percent in 5 minutes. This new VOOC charging works over both microUSB and USB Type-C ports and requires the new Super VOOC Flash Charger Plug, a new special cable, and a connector made from high-quality military-grade materials.

With all these competitions in the market, Huawei has to come up with something better in order to attract some attention here. So it is going to be rather interesting to see what we are going to have here. Stay tuned for info on this.


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