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Huawei Sues US Govt, Challenges the Constitutionality of Section 889 of the 2019 NDAA



Huawei was recently banned by the U.S government for its network equipment that has shut down the sale of the company in the Country. Now, Huawei has announced that it is suing the U.S government in order to attempt to overturn the ban that has been implimented on them. This was effected in the month of August last year as a part of the National Defence Authorization Act that names Huawei and a few other Chinese rivals like ZTE are potential threats to the national security of the U.S.

In the news conference in Shenzhen China, Huawei says that it has no choice other than suing the U.S government and it also mentioned that it has not, and will never implant any backdoors and will also not allow anyone to do so. Furthermore, the previous and current U.S government has accused Huawei of having ties to the ruling Communist Party in China and it could be pressured to include vulnerabilities in its network equipment that can make it easy for China to commit acts of espionage.

Huawei’s lawsuit comes at a time when it is been probed by Western countries and its 5G equipment have also been banned in Australia and New Zealand and the U.S has also pressurized the countries like Canada and UK, Poland and few other to do the same. Network Equipment is a major part of Huawei’s profits and the US ban has prevented its growth in other parts of the world also.

According to the lawsuit filed in a U.S District Court in Plano, Texas, section 899 of the 2019 NDAA not only bars all U.S Government agencies from buying Huawei equipment and services but also bars them from contracting with or granting long to third parties who buy Huawei equipment or services without any executive judicial process. Furthermore, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman – Guo Ping said that if the law is set aside, it can bring more advanced technologies to the US and help it build the best 5G networks.

It also mentioned that Lifting the NDAA ban will also give the U.S government the flexibility to work with Huawei and solve the real security issues that it has been facing. Song Liuping, who is Huawei’s Chief legal officer said that section 889 is based on many false, unproven and untested propositions and Contrary to the statue premise, Huawei is not controlled by the Chinese government and it has had excellent security record and program till now. What are your views on the same? Comment in the section below to share your thoughts and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.



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