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Huawei Honor Holly Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Huawei Honor Holly

There are many budget smartphones in the market right now. Therefore, it is quite a task for consumers to find out which is the best device. But for those who have already made their choice in selecting Huawei Honor Holly, we have some tips and tricks to share about. Now and then, there are new users who opted to make their smartphone a daily part of their lives. To be efficient while doing that, we are sharing some interesting information about the Honor Holly.

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Can I move apps from phone storage to SD card?

Yes, you sure can. The Huawei Honor Holly Supports the feature to move your app to the SD card. It can be found in the apps section in the settings. There you need go to any app you recently installed and tap on it. Now a detailed menu option will open, where you will find the Move to SD card button just below the clear data button. Note that the option will be shown only when you have inserted the SD card successfully. After transferring number of apps to SD card, you can manage the apps on SD card very easily. Just swipe left to the tab called On SD Card. There you go, enjoy installing unlimited number of apps.

How much is the internal storage on the Honor Holly?

Huawei Honor Holly  - Internal Storage

This might be one of the best spec that Huawei has added to do the specs sheet of honor Holly. The device provides 16GB of internal storage, out of which around 13GB of storage space is available to use. While the remaining 3GB is used by the operating system and the stock apps pre-installed on the device. And it is a plus point that the company didn’t fill the Holly with its bloatware. Now you can enjoy playing large games without need to worry about the phone storage.

How to Import contacts from my SIM card or SD card to phone?

Huawei has only changed the icons of the apps stock by Google in Android Kitkat OS. Therefore, it’s all the same if you have been an android smartphone user. Though, if you are not, then let us guide you with simple instructions. First go to the contact/people’s app, there you need to tap on the menu options, where you will find the import/export option. For instance, you selected import, now tap on it, and then select the option from which you want to copy the contacts. After selecting that, you also need to select on which storage you want to import those contacts. There you go, follow these instructions, and you will have your contacts ready.

Does Huawei Honor Holly have FM Radio built-in?

Yes, company has added the FM radio functionality on the device. You can find this app in the Tools folder on the home screen of the device. Note that the FM radio won’t work with the earphones plugged in, because it works as antenna. The app is kept simple, and it provides features to search, save and record the audio.

What are the pre-installed apps in Huawei Honor Holly?

Huawei has not pre-installed much of the bloatware on Honor Holly, which is certainly a good thing for most consumers. Though, there are some useful apps provided by company, which includes file manager, weather, flashlight, sound recorder, etc.

GPS uses a lot of battery. Is there anything I can do about it?

Huawei Honor Holly - Location

Yes, there is a little trick that can be done to ease up the pressure on the battery. To tweak this setting, you have to go to settings, there tap on Location option in the personal section. Now turn on the location. There tap on the mode option; it will open up three options mode, select the Battery mode. It will use your Wi-Fi and mobile networks to determine the location. Meaning, the prompt will ask you use Google’s location service. Note that, enabling this option will also send anonymous location data to Google, even when no apps are running.

How to activate Google Now on my Honor Holly?

It is just the same for every Android smartphones now. You have to tap and hold the home button on the Honor Holly. This action will open a page, which will ask to get Google Now. Continuing further will install the Google Now. To those who don’t know, Google Now is the cloud assistant which will be connected to your Google account, accessing all information and presenting it to you in an organized form. It can be called as your daily assistant. Now you would be able to access the Google Now feature by tap and hold on Home button.

How to set up SIM card lock on Honor Holly?

Setting up SIM card lock is pretty easy, you just have to go to the settings, and there you need to go to Security option in the personal section. In the list of options, you will find an option called “Setup SIM card lock, ” you need to tap on it. Select the SIM for which you want to have a lock, and then tap on Lock SIM card. Now all you have to do is, enter a PIN that you will remember later.

Which SIM cards are supported by the Huawei Honor Holly?

The Huawei Honor Holly supports two micro SIM slots, which can be seen on the back side when you remove the back panel. The device offers dual standby mode, meaning both the SIM cards can be active at the same time.

Can I turn Internet hotspot ON and share my phone internet?

Huawei Honor Holly  - Tethering

Yes, you sure can. To do that you need to go to the settings area, there you will have to tap on the more option in the Wireless & Networks section. Opening that will see an option of tethering & portable hotspot, tapping on it will open few options. You need to enable the first option named Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also configure and optimize the settings according to your needs.

What are the sensors available on the phone?

The Huawei Honor Holly has all the basic sensors needed for the controls of functions. These include Acceleration sensor, Proximity sensor, Direction sensor, Light sensor and the E-Compass. Though, the G-Sensor is absent, meaning the device don’t have the accurate acceleration.

Are there LED notification lights on the Huawei Honor Holly?

Yes, there is a notification indicator LED light on the top, above the display. It can be found just alongside the front camera on the top left corner of the device. Though, there is no option in the settings that allows you to change the color of the LED. It will blink Blue when the notification has arrived on your device, while the green light will display when the device is on charging.

Will the Huawei Honor Holly get Android L update?

Huawei has not announced anything regarding the update of Android Lollipop for the Honor Holly smartphone. Many flagship devices are yet to receive the updates, and if Android One budget series of smartphone can get one. We may see Chinese manufacturers like Huawei come up with major android updates sooner than you think. Well, at least let’s hope so.


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