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Huawei Honor 4X Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Huawei Honor 4X

Huawei entered into the mystical category of mid-range smartphone in Indian market with its Honor 4X, which we have reviewed recently if you’re keen to buy this phone and looking for some answers then you should read it. Otherwise if you’ve already gone ahead and purchased the device then you should definitely stay here, because we have gathered all the important tip and tricks for the Honor 4X.

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    How can you customize the Wallpapers on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    Huawei Honor 4X - Wallpapers

    This is the simplest of operations done on any smartphone, but Huawei has advanced it with some extra features like you can shake to change the wallpaper, as well as you could also select to randomly change the wallpaper on the basis of time. You can select the time interval, as well as choose to display the pictures from gallery. This all can be done from the display section on the Settings app.

    What does the Flip to Mute motion gesture do on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    There is an easy way to silent those accidental alarms and timers, as well as the unwanted calls between meetings. To do that you have to launch the settings app, and then go to Motion Control option, there you will find bunch of smart motion & gestures options, now tap on Flip. There you would have to toggle the two options to ON if you want to silence incoming calls as well as timers and alarms with a flip.

    How to Shake your phone to rearrange the icons on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    The Emotion UI is a very clean and beautiful interface, and with that it has some features that makes it more convenient for you to rearrange icon on the home screen. Even though, the app drawer is absent you can still rearrange the apps by enabling the rearrange icons option from motion & gestures section in the settings area. After that you need to go to the home screen and pinch zoom on it with two fingers. The edit home option will be opened, where you have to shake the phone and it will re-arrange the apps.

    How to turn off the screen using Cover Screen function on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    Another of the convenient feature in the collection of smart gesture options. It allows you to turn OFF the screen by just placing your palm on the display. To enable this feature you have to launch the settings app, then tap on the motion control , now you have to tap on Cover screen option and enable the toggle button. Now just put your palm over the device covering whole display, then it should turn off the screen right away.

    How to turn on the Double touch to turn it ON the screen feature on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    This is something that has become standard on the smartphones, but still most of the mid-range smartphones doesn’t have this option of double tap to wake up screen function. To enable this feature on the Honor 4X, you have to launch the Settings app first and then tap on the motion gestures feature. Now tap on the Motion Control option and open the Double Touch option to enable the toggle button to ON. Next time you want to wake up the screen, double tap on it to do so.

    How to use the Draw feature on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    Huawei Honor 4X - Draw Patterns

    This is one of the most interesting smart gesture feature on Honor 4X. It allows you to open up a particular app by drawing a letter on the screen when it is turned OFF. There are four letters that can be used to open a apps including are the c, e, m and w. To activate this feature, you have to go open the Settings app and tap on Motion Control, there you’ll further have to tap on Draw option and enable the feature from inside. Now draw any of those four letters on the display and it should open the corresponding app.

    How to enable the One-Hand UI on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    This is a fact that some people likes to purchase a phablet but are uncomfortable when they have to dial the number or text someone using one hand. Because it is not a task for single-handed usage. Though, Huawei has done some changes and have added a One-Hand UI. You can enable the option from either quick settings or go to more option in the smart assistance section. Then tap on the One-Hand UI option and toggle the button to enable it.

    What is the Suspend Button on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    It is a floating button which houses up to five functions and it can be enabled from Settings app or the quick settings area. This button will appear on most of the screen and is easy to drag around the screen. But remember, it would only stick on the right or left edges. Those five functions includes Back, Home, Recent apps, Screen lock and One-touch.

    What is the Smart Cover feature on the device?

    If you’ve got the Huawei’s smart cover for your Honor 4X, then this feature is something that you would value a lot. When enabled you would be able to see the standby information through a small window, which is pretty convenient. You’ll be able to see other running activities like notification of calls and text messages, as well as notification from other apps.

    What are the Smart Controls available for headset on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    The smart headset control option on Honor 4X allows it to control the music playback via the headset buttons. This would allow you to share a song, download it or favourite it, as well as do basic functions like forward, backward or pause the playlist. It’s pretty useful when the device is in your pocket you don’t have to reach it, just operate music player via the headset buttons.

    How to enable the Touch-disable mode on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    Huawei Honor 4X - Touch Disable Mode

    This feature would allow you to prevent the device from being mistakenly turn ON when you have so many smart gesture turned ON. It would detect whether your phone is inside a pocket or not. To enable this feature, you have to go to settings app and then tap on the more option in the smart assistance section. Then you would have to toggle the button in front of touch-disable mode to ON.

    How can you restrict the background data usage by Networked Apps?

    Huawei tried to provide as much of features as it can on its latest mid-ranger, the Honor 4X. You can restrict the background data usage by networked apps from using mobile data as well as Wi-Fi. Giving you a full control on which should be allowed to use the mobile data & Wi-Fi on your device and which should not.

    How to Change the Default app settings on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    There are some users who doesn’t the default apps set for the functions like music, launcher, etc. Well, there’s an easy way to customize them. You can assign different default apps, like Google Play Music as your default music player or Google Now launcher as your default launcher. Just go to the settings app and tap on manage apps section, then further tap on default app setting. There you’ll see seven options where you change the default app setting.

    How to Edit Quick Settings on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    The quick settings panel is one of the most used parts of a UI, it is important that mobile vendors should provide an easy way to customize it. Huawei has done just that, they have not just offered a easy way to edit and arrange the place of quick settings by dragging it. But they also placed important functions like one-hand UI, suspend button and multi-screen.

    How to access notification panel from unlock screen on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    So, you want to directly access the notification panel on Honor 4X without unlocking the screen. Well, you can certainly do that by opening Settings app and togging the button of notification panel to ON, which is present in the security section. Though, remember that if you have enabled pattern , password or face lock then you won’t be able to access the notification panel form unlock screen, which is a good thing.

    What is the Privacy Protection on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    Huawei Honor 4X - Privacy Protection

    This is for the users who don’t want prying eyes to see their private information. You can create two different passwords to manage admin and guest
    mode access. You would be able to hide the contacts, albums, as well as apps from the visitor in the guest mode. To do that you have to launch the Settings app and then tap on privacy protection. After that you just have to follow the simple instructions and setup the passwords for private and guest modes.

    What are the power saving modes on the Huawei Honor 4X?

    The Honor 4X comes with 3000mAh battery but every smartphone needs power saving modes. Therefore, it offers three modes, Ultra, smart and normal modes. In Ultra modes, you would be getting the maximum battery life as only basic functions like calling and texting would be available. While the smart mode would try to balance the between performance and power usage by the CPU. But if you’re looking for a better gaming and online video experience then you should go with normal mode. All these modes are available in the battery section of the Settings app. Remember that you can also set a reminder for you to turn on the ultra power saving modes, once the battery is below 30%, 20% or 8%.


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