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Huawei gets into another problem; Users report Ads showing up on the lock screen



Huawei has been in the spotlight lately though not for good reasons as the US has imposed a ban on the company of using American-made electronics that include chipsets, modems, and more and also software, for that matter. Well, here comes the new allegation from the device users, which further puts the company in the wrong light.

Several Huawei device users have been reporting that they are seeing ads on their devices’ lock screen. This is somewhat similar to what we have witnessed on the other products — like Amazon Fire devices and the Xiaomi devices, which the company often gets criticized for. As for the Huawei devices showing up ads, it was first spotted by Android Police, which indicated Huawei devices showing up ads especially of — the popular hotel booking service.

The report further revealed a large number of Huawei users taking social media and Reddit to showcase the ads on their devices and have also started complaining. The prominent devices of Huawei, which were reported showing ads include the flagship P30 Pro as well as the P20, P20 Lite, Honor 10 and more. Further, the ads popping up on these devices are reportedly for users who have been using pre-installed landscape background wallpapers. Huawei device models that differ in several regions are also showing ads on the lock screen. The countries include — UK, Netherlands, Ireland South Africa, and several others, according to the report.

These ads showing up on the expensive Huawei device models such as P30 Pro is clearly not commendable, and the company must fix this to avoid the more lousy spotlight, which the company has been into lately due to the ban. Lastly, it appears the only possible way to stop these ads is to not use the native pre-installed magazine background wallpapers on your Huawei device, suggests the report. We hope the tech giant fixes these ads as early as possible. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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