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Huawei files case against Samsung in Chinese Court seeking Compensation



Huawei Technologies has submitted a filing with the second court in China as part of a patent lawsuit against its rival Samsung Electronics. According to the source, the court accepted the case recently but did not provide further details on what infringements Huawei is claiming in the lawsuit. The filing in a court in Quanzhou comes after two earlier suits filed in California and Shenzen in May alleging that Samsung did not accept Huawei’s offer to license its 4G standards. Huawei told that the Quanzhou suit was a “technical filing” to support the earlier suits.

A Samsung spokeswoman said the South Korean company would “thoroughly review the complaint” and take appropriate action to defend its interests. So we might have to wait for sometime until we have something from the company on this. Huawei’s patent challenge marks a reversal of roles in China, usually phone makers there have been on the receiving end of lawsuits of such kind. These kind of lawsuits are not new; we have already seen a handful of them before, and we have also seen how some manufacturers quickly make their way out of it. Last year, Xiaomi was forced briefly to halt sales of handsets in India. It was sued for a patent infringement complaint from telecom equipment maker Ericsson.

Huawei also filed a lawsuit against T-Mobile, where it accuses the wireless carrier of using Huawei’s patented 4G technology without a licensing agreement. The 14 patents include GPRS and security standards that Huawei claims T-Mobile uses throughout its 4G data network in the US, according to the complaint. Previously, Huawei approached T-Mobile in 2014 to discuss licensing, though T-Mobile ultimately refused to enter into an agreement. They claimed that Huawei’s licensing terms were not fair and reasonable. T-Mobile has invested considerable resources in its 4G networks since 2014. It now has the fastest or second-fastest 4G network in most US cities.

Stay tuned for more details on this story as we will update the article accordingly.


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