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Huawei Facing Emotions App let’s Blind People Detect Peoples Emotions



Its always good to have a face-to-face talk with people rather than a phone call or a text message since they do not reveal the actual mood of them as we cannot see the facial expressions. A similar challenge is faced by the blind people as they cannot see the actual facial expression of the person whom they are talking to. To overcome this challenge, Huawei has developed a new application for the Blind called as the Facing Emotions app.

Yes, you read it right, a new application from Huawei that lets blind face-read the people they are talking with. With the Partnership with Polish Blind Association, Huawei has built this application for Android users which is specially designed for Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro smartphone. Moreover, this application works entirely offline once it is downloaded via the Google Play store.

How does it work?

When a blind person starts talking with another person, the rear camera of the phone will be scanning the person’s face and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms, the application will be judging seven basic emotions with a musical cue. The app pays more attention to features like nose, eyes, eyebrows and mouth and their position which is relative to each other.

With this, the user will be getting seven corresponding musical cues and these short tunes which are created by a blind composer “Tomasz Bilecki”. There were blind tests conducted and the subjects claim that these short tunes are easy to remember and understand. This music can be heard with the help of the speaker of the phone or via connected earbuds or earphones.

The user needs to make sure that the rear camera of the phone is facing the person whom they are talking to and a 3D-printed lanyard-style phone holder was also designed for the user. Comment in the section below if you have more queries on the same and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for similar and interesting news.



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