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Huawei Ascend P7 is Slow? How to Speed up for Better Performance in 6 Minutes



Huawei is known for budget smartphones which are packed with high specifications. Also, it gives a good competition for other brands too regarding quality and pricing. We have seen that, so many Huawei lovers has bought Ascend P7 smartphone and started using it. As this device is much older for now, but it has good features and specifications with which it became quite attractable.

Although, the latest releases Huawei Honor 5X and Huawei Mate 8 been a success, even then Ascend P7 doesn’t lose its popularity. So, here we come to discuss few tips and tricks using which the users can easily improve or speed up the performance of their device. So, if you got this device, then just relax and spend some time to read the methods below which when applied can boost up your phone within 6 minutes.

By Software Update

Before proceeding to other methods and tips, make sure to upgrade your device to the latest available software version. The manufacturer will release the latest OTA’s to specific devices which contain the fixes to the bugs and also improvements for enhancing the device performance. So, by tapping on ‘About Phone’ in Settings, you can check for the system updates. If you found any software update, then download and install it on your device. After upgrading, you can have a better experience with the performance of your device.

Uninstall Apps

We keep on saying to uninstall the unused apps on your device so as to improve its performance. The reason behind this is, every Android device comes with few pre-installed apps out of which few contains bloatware apps which eat away storage space and makes your battery drain faster. So, it is always advisable to remove such pre-installed and bloatware apps from your device as soon as possible.

Also, it is quite common that every Android user fills up their device with various apps. But the deal is that they forgot to disable/uninstall few apps which are not in use. These unnecessary apps will occupy storage space as well as run in the background which causes the performance issue. So, do remember to uninstall all such apps from the device and keep safe.

Avoid Live Wallpapers and Animations

Another reason for the slow performance of the phone is animations. Yes, every smartphone user likes to make their phone look beautiful, and for that he/she fills up the phone with live wallpapers and unnecessary animations. By enabling this option, your device may give a beautiful look but other than that it slows down the phone drastically.

So, we always advice you not to use such live wallpapers which cause the performance issue. Also, disable the animation settings in your device settings and always use normal wallpapers which give a decent look for your phone.

Huawei Ascend P7 phone

Remove App Cache

Now, you need to clear all the cache which is stored under the apps you download. Whenever you open a particular app, some cache gets stored in the background, and it increases its size gradually if you do not clear in time. So, do remember to clear the cache as is quite a simple process. Just open the app manager in your device settings and visit each app under which, you can see the ‘Clear cache’ Option where you need to tap on it. That’s all, now your phone will be free from the apps cache, and you can experience a better performance.

Disable widgets

Widgets may work well on your phone by performing its tasks, but at the same time, it lags the performance of the phone and affects the device. So, we advise you to disable all the widgets from your Ascend P7 device. Once the widgets are removed, you can experience the better performance by yourself. If at all, you wish to use widgets, then limit them to 1 or 2 and not more than that.

Factory Reset

By following the above methods, you might see a good result on your device. If at all you are not satisfied with your device’s performance then try this method and it will help you for sure. But, before proceeding to this method, make sure to take a backup of the data as it will erase all the data present in the phone.

Huawei Ascend P7 device

To perform a factory reset, you must turn off your phone and enter into the recovery mode. By holding volume up and power button simultaneously at the same time, you can enter into the recovery mode wherein you need to select the wipe data/factory reset using volume buttons and confirm the selection using the power button. Next, select and confirm ‘Yes erase all the data’ and proceed further. Once the process is done, select and confirm ‘Reboot System Now’, and your device will become a brand new one.

Additionally, in the recovery mode, other than a factory reset, you can also select and confirm ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ and once the process is done confirm ‘Reboot system Now.’ It wipes away all the cache from your phone and makes it clean to perform faster.

Few More Tips

Okay, up to now we have been through few settings and modifications which help you to improve the performance of your device. Now we look at few precautions which when followed makes your phone faster. Remember to turn off or disable WiFi and Bluetooth connections whenever not in use and also never install the unnecessary and battery draining apps. Disable the auto settings for brightness and adjust it manually.

If you still facing any performance issue with your device then feel free to write us under the comments section below, and we try to resolve it.

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