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HTC Vive Pro Eye VR Headset Finally Goes on Sale for $1599 in the US



At the CES 2019 held in early January in Las Vegas, HTC announced the HTC Vive Pro Eye and is said to be available in Q2 2019. It comes with eye-tracking control technology that can follow the user’s eyeballs in real time. Today, the company launched Vive Pro Eye headset in the US and Canada for USD 1,599 (approx INR 1,11,000). The Vive Pro Eye kit includes the headset itself along with two base stations, two controllers and other accessories.

Apart from the new eye-tracking feature, the HTC Vive Pro Eye is exactly the same HTC Vive Pro launched in 2018. FYI, the HTC Vivo Pro Starter Kit is available for just USD 1,098. The company is charging almost USD 500 just for the new eye-tracking feature on the new HTC Vive Pro Eye. The headset comes with a special technology called ‘Foveated Rendering’ which uses more processing power to render only the parts which the user is looking actually in the scene.

With the Vive Pro Eye, HTC is targetting the enterprise customers who can use this headset for training their employees or test new products. As the name suggests, the headset comes with Tobii’s eye-tracking technology which was earlier used in gaming laptops and PC monitors. The gaze-orientated navigation removes the need for controllers and improves the convenience of use in most environments such as VR arcades or location-based entertainment.

The HTC Vive Pro Eye can provide users with intelligent performance feedback by simulating real-life scenarios. For example, Major League Baseball (MLB) used the eye tracking on Vive Pro Eye to offer “MLB Home Run Derby VR” experience. BMW uses this headset to allow its potential customers to configure, explore, and sit inside a simulated BMW M5 in immersive virtual reality. Stay tuned on Phone Radar for more details!


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