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HTC Vive branded Smartphone shown in a leaked promotional video



HTC has scheduled an event for January 12th which is just a couple of days from now. There are a lot of speculations surrounding this event, and it is expected that the company will be unveiling the Ocean smartphone which is supposed to be a phablet just like their One Max that was launched a couple of years back. However, a leaked video that appears to be a promotional video of some kind teases something completely different and unexpected. Yes, yesterday a promotional video was leaked, and in that video, a new Vive branded smartphone was spotted at the end of the video.

The video is about offering users a variety of different types of case options to go with each and everyone’s customization needs. Just when you thought that the video is kind of pointless and are about to end it, you see a smartphone with Vive branding at the back. Vive brand is quite popular in the tech industry as it is one of the successful VR headsets that is available in the market right now which anyone can purchase. Considering the fact that the company is having a hard time selling it’s smartphone in the market, using the Vive brand name and launching a smartphone seems like just the thing which they should be doing in order to get back into the smartphone game.

However, it is not confirmed if we will be actually getting a vive branded smartphone from the company. As much as we want something unique from HTC, it could simply be a case that they will launch which is meant to protect HTC smartphones. While the details about the Vive smartphone remains unclear, one thing which we can expect from the company is the fact that they could be coming up with a customization program just like Motorola came up with the Moto Maker. But we wish that the HTC Vive smartphone becomes a reality. And considering the fact the video was removed from a few places like Vimeo, etc. it looks like it is indeed something which was not supposed to come out in public. If in case you want to take a look at the video, we have embedded the tweet from the source above, where you can watch it.

Also talking about the event scheduled on January 12th, it is expected that we will be getting the new Phablet from the company. It was also reported earlier that the company plans to launch about three smartphones in coming months. With that thought let’s just sit back and wait for any official announcement from the company. If you wish to know more about these smartphones, stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on the same.


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