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HTC sets Half Million Yuan Target for Crowd funding HTC 10 Lifestyle in China



As expected HTC announced two variants of its latest flagship HTC 10. The Snapdragon 820 powered HTC will be available in the U.S, Japan, and European countries. Most of the other countries including India and China are left out with Snapdragon 652 powered HTC 10 Lifestyle. Almost two days after the launch, today the official website of HTC India listed the Snapdragon 820 powered variant.

Leaving out the battle of two variants, HTC has chosen a different sales strategy in China. Instead of the reservation system or the flash sales, the company is crowdsourcing 5,00,000 Yuan for the Snapdragon 652 powered HTC 10. Within two days after the listing went live, it has already achieved 85% target. We can expect HTC to easily cross the target since there are still 15 more days left.

HTC 10 crowdsourcing 2Those who back this HTC’s campaign with 1 Yuan are eligible for winning one HTC Re Camera 2 for every 1500 backers. Every 800 backers with 5 Yuan, one lucky user will get a free HTC 10. One 32GB variant of Snapdragon 652 powered HTC 10 device along with free Ice View flip cover and quick charge 3.0 power adapter costs 3,300 Yuan. There are a total of 300 units listed for this campaign, where 199 units are still remaining.

The company also offered five units of HTC 10 with free HTC Vive for 9,400 Yuan, which are now sold out. According to the listing, the device will be shipped to every eligible backer within a month after completing the campaign. Even Xiaomi had earlier tried the same kind of campaign for crowdsourcing one million Yuan without announcing the device.

The campaign went so popular and had successfully achieved its target in no time and by the end, it also crossed 35 million yuan. Not all the manufacturers who tried crowdsourcing campaign are successful. The Pepsi Phones that even attracted the international media had failed in achieving its target. In the international markets, the Nextbit Robin is one smartphone that has been successfully born out of Kickstarter campaign.

The company also announced to launch the ‘Nextbit Robin’ in the India by the end of this month. Stay tuned for more updates!

(1 Yuan = 10.27 INR)


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