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Top 10 HTC One M8 Problems & How To Fix them



HTC has become one of the best smartphone manufacturers in a very short time. With the launch of a broad range of handsets at regular intervals, it always stood in competition. Right from HTC One to HTC One M9, we have seen a series of smartphones which received a ground of applause from the Android lovers.

HTC One M8 smartphone became very popular soon after its release, and most of the users who bought this device are still using it as their primary device. The device seems to showcase few issues after certain months of usage, and we too worked out with the phone and found solutions for the problems. So, just relax back and go through the below solutions to resolve your issue.

1. Phone Won’t Turn On

Problem – Many users reported about the phone being not able to power on even though the phone is full of charge. They have reported that the issue persists even when they try to power on the device by plugging in. Well, this can be considered as the common problem with all the smartphones, and you can resolve this with few workouts.

Solution – the first thing you can do is hold power and volume down button at the same time for few seconds until the phone restart. If you are unable to get through this, then hold down the power button and tap on ‘Reboot’ to restart the phone. By doing this, you can easily resolve this issue and do remember to avoid multi-tasking on the phone as it may result in freezing issues.

2. Lag in performance

Problem – Another issue reported by the HTC One M8 users is that phone is performing slowly after being used for few months. This seems to be a very common issue in all the Android devices, and you can easily resolve this issue. Some users reported that they saw the lag after the software update.

Solution – To avoid the lag on the performance you can try disabling the animations on the phone. For this, all you need to do is enable developer options. Tap few times on the ‘Build Number’ under ‘Settings>About Phone’ and once enable you can find these options in the ‘Settings>More’. Open the developer options and scroll down to find the animation settings where they point to 1x. Now turn them off or reduce the point to 0.5x and see the instant change in the performance.

If that doesn’t work out, try to remove app cache by opening each app from the app manager and tap on ‘Clear Cache’ option. Also, you need to clear entire cache from the device by getting your phone into recovery mode. For that, you need to turn off the phone and hold power and volume button until you see Android system recovery menu. Now, use the volume buttons to select ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the power button to confirm. After the process is done, go for ’Reboot System Now’. By now, the problem of lag should be gone.

Sometimes, the third-party app may be a reason for the lag and so to find that out you need to enter the phone into safe mode. For that, press and hold the power button and then tap and hold the ‘Power off’ option until you see ‘Reboot to Safe mode’ and then tap on ‘Ok’. Now, you can see ‘safe mode’ on the bottom left of your screen and use the phone for some time. If the lag issue is gone, then the problem is with the third party app. Now exit the safe mode by restarting the device and check each app to find out the culprit and uninstall it.

The last thing you can try to solve the lag issue is to perform the factory reset. You need to take back up of the data before performing the factory reset as it will erase all the data from the device. To perform the factory reset, turn off the device and hold volume down and power button for some time. Now, using volume button select ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and confirm it using the power button. Next, go for ‘Yes – delete all user data’ and after the process is done, select and confirm ‘Reboot system Now’. You can also perform the factory reset by tapping, ‘Settings>More>Backup & Reset>Reset phone’ and follow on screen instructions. By now, the lap issue should have resolved successfully.

3. Battery draining issue

Problem – Some users reported that, the battery in the phone is discharging very quickly, and this is frequently happening. Well if you perform few workouts you can easily sort this issue out.

Solution – Always make sure to turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data connections whenever not in use. Also, restart the phone and open ‘settings>Power’ and find out which is consuming more power. If some app is the culprit, then uninstall it from the device. Try to avoid Widgets and Live Wallpapers from the device as it may consume more power resulting in rapid battery-drain.

4. Booting in safe mode

Problem – Only a few users reported about this issue that the phone booted into the safe mode directly up on the first usage. Well, there is no need to panic about this issue as it can resolve easily.

Solution – All you need to do is to exit the safe mode. For that, just restart the device by holding the power key and tap on ‘restart’. If this doesn’t work out, then perform the factory reset which is explained clearly in the solution 2.

5. Extreme power saving mode is missing

Problem – Extreme power saving mode is one of the brilliant feature in the HTC One M8 smartphone which makes the phone live at least for 15 hours with less than 10% battery life. But, this feature seems to be missing on few handsets in the US.

Solution – The reason behind the missing feature in few handsets is that those devices contain older software version. So, the users need to get the software update for this feature to be enabled. You can check the software update on your device by tapping ‘Settings>About Phone>Software Updates>Check now’ and if any update is available then download and install the same.

6. Simcard detection error

Problem – The users reported that they see the ‘SIM card has not detected properly’ message on their phone frequently. Well, this is not happening with all the users, and so you can perform few workouts to resolve this issue.

Solution – This can be due to improper insertion of the SIM card and so eject the SIM card from its tray and reinsert it properly. Clean the SIM card and the tray properly and then reinsert so as to resolve this issue.

7. Crashing of phone

Problem – So many users reported that their HTC One M8 smartphones are getting restarted randomly without any prompting or notification. Well, if this issue is ignored then it can cause damage to the device and so you need to do few workouts to resolve the issue.

Solution –
Well, try to perform the factory reset on the phone as explained in the solution 2. This will resolve the issue for sure and do remember to take the back up of data as the factory reset will erase entire data from your device.

8. LED is not working

Problem – Most of the users reported that the LED is not lighting up for any notifications. Also, few users wrote us that the LED is working well for few features like charging and low-battery but isn’t working for messages and notifications.

Solution – You can resolve this issue easily by checking the ‘Settings>Display & Gestures>Notification Light’ and it should have checked for all the notifications. Even then if you are facing the issue, then try to reboot the device into safe mode as explained in the solution 2 as some times third-party app may cause this issue. If the culprit is the app, then uninstall it from the device and if the issue persists then replace the device.

9. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are not working

Problem – Most of the users reported that they are unable to connect to the WiFi and Bluetooth, and this is happening more frequently. Well, to avoid this you can perform certain workouts.

Solution –
Try restarting the Wi-Fi router as this can resolve the issue for sure. Try to delete the old Bluetooth pairings from your device by opening ‘Settings>Bluetooth’. Now, try to reconnect the Bluetooth and mostly the problem should have resolved. Also, make sure to update the device with the latest software as it contains the fixes for these issues.

10. Dead pixels

Problem – Few users reported that the screen is with the dead pixels, and so they are unable to use the display properly. Well, you can resolve this with the simple technique.

Solution – Try increasing the brightness of the screen to the maximum level and leave the phone for at least 30 minutes. This will burn the dead pixels and problem should have been solved. If not, then replace your handset.

Other Tips

Also, some users complained about the low-volume during the calls, and you can rectify this by opening ‘Settings>Call>Hearing Aids’ and enable the hearing aids. Clean the speaker and you can easily be out of this issue. Always avoid widgets, battery-draining apps on the device as it may result in over-heating issues. Try to use original battery chargers for charging the device as duplicate chargers will drain the battery faster.

In case, if you have any other issues with your HTC One M8, then feel free to write us down as we try to resolve the issues for you.


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