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How To Setup Edge Screen & the Top 5 Panels for your Galaxy S7 Edge



Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge was the first device to get the working Edge screen where you can perform some set of actions and control the options on your device. When I first heard about edge screen, I wondered whether these curved edges will work or not but when I grabbed the Galaxy S6 Edge for the first time, I felt like this feature on the device is awesome and is also available on the Samsung’s latest flagship Killer i.e., the Galaxy S7 Edge.

How to use the Edges on your device?

Galaxy Note Edge comes with an Edge on the right side, which is only helpful only for the right-hand users where the Galaxy S6 Edge comes with Edges on both sides where a user can quickly pick the edge side which he want to use as the Edge screen positions can be adjusted on your device. This feature is available on the latest flagship killer, i.e., the Galaxy S7 Edge.

To select the best Edge on your device, open the Settings and tap on Edge Screen. In the new window, you need to tap on the Edge Panel option and click on Edge Panel Settings. There you will find Edge Screen Option, now tap on it and make your side selection.

Once your are done with the Side setup, there are many options which are still hidden for your Edge Screen. To customize the Edge Screen options on your device, open the Settings and tap on Edge Screen. You will find three options, i.e., Edge Panel, Edge feeds and Edge Lighting.

Edge Feeds

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Though the main screen is in standby mode the edge screen on the device is still usable. Yes, you heard it right, Edge Feeds are used to pass the information on the edge of the screen when your not using your device. Managing the feed on your edge screen is simple, you need to swipe your finger from left to right to check the feed on your device. Your Galaxy S7 Edge comes with many feeds customization options where you can add new feeds and remove the previous feed. If you still find that any of the feeds missing on your device, then you can download that from Galaxy Store where you need to connect your Samsung account to download the feed on your device.

These feed option generally reminds you about the missed calls, messages, climatic conditions of your surroundings depending upon the type of the selections.

Edge Lighting

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Edge Lighting feature is used to notify about the incoming calls and other notification when your device is turned over. It also comes with a quick reply feature where you can send a message to the user by placing your hand on the heart rate sensor for about 2-3 seconds, where the call gets disconnected and a message is sent to the user. Though we get the lighting details for the incoming call, there is no information about the caller displayed on the Edge Screen.

Edge Panel

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Edge Panel is used to access the most frequently used apps quickly on your Edge Screen just by swiping the Edge screen and making is easier for the user. You can stay connected with your most frequently used Contacts just by adding them to your Edge Panel which is usually called as the People’s Edge. At max, you can add up to 5 contacts on your Peoples Edge, and you will find and interesting option, i.e., the Edge Circle at the bottom of the screen which shows you the details of the contacts who are using the Edge screen on their device. But this option must be set on your device by Agreeing terms and conditions and then proceeding with an SMS verification of your mobile number.

App Edge

App Edge is the default panel available on the Edge screen where you can add the frequently used application on that screen for a quick access directly from your Edge Screen. At Max, you can add ten applications on the App Edge.

People Edge

People Edge shows you the list of the Contacts. In this edge, you can add 5 of your favourite contacts to whom you call or text frequently. You can Call, Text and mail the contact directly from the Edge Screen instead of searching for an individual contact by following the general procedure.


The Edge screen on your device will also show the climatic conditions if you opt the Weather Panel. This option is used to show the temperature of the surrounding region and reports you about the weather conditions with the highest and the lowest temperature of the day. Using this you can keep an eye on the Climate before your leave your house instead of searching for Weather forecast.

Yahoo Sports

If you are a sports enthusiastic person then keeping Yahoo Sports as an edge panel is the best option as it will show you the live score of the ongoing game and send you the score directly on the edge panel.

S Planner

If you have added the Google Account on your Samsung device, then S Planner syncs your Google Calenders Data. Using the S Planner calendar on the Edge screen Keep an eye on the pending works and also shows you the list of appointments and work to be done for the day. This application acts as a reminder as well as keeps and eye on your task, where you don’t need to check the list of works.

These are the five must use Edge Pannel you must install on your Edge Screen so that you can stay in connect with your surrounds and makes the easy use of your smartphone. You can also check the tips & tricks of the Galaxy S7 Edge, which we have covered earlier.


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