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How to Get PIP Mode in WhatsApp to Watch Youtube & Facebook Videos – Download APK



WhatsApp is long rumored to introduce Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode to watch streamable videos without leaving the app. While the PIP mode is not yet made available through the regular app, you can get it through through the latest WhatsApp beta app. With this new feature, the user can watch streamable videos from the popular sites including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

The user no longer needs to leave the app to watch videos and can even scroll through the chat while watching the videos in PIP mode. However, the PIP video will disappear when you leave that particular chat. As of now, the new PIP feature is exclusive to Android OS. When the PIP feature on Android comes out of the beta, it might also be introduced in the iOS version.

We don’t think it will make sense to offer the PIP mode for KaiOS app which powers the feature phones. Along with this feature, you will also get the “Swipe to Reply” feature. You can swipe sidewards in order to quote and reply to the messages in the chat. Follow the below steps, to get the WhatsApp’s PIP mode on your Android smartphone.

How to Get PIP Mode in WhatsApp:

  • Download the latest WhatsApp beta version with the model number 2.18.301. (Click Here to Download)
  • Installing the downloaded APK file will replace your old WhatsApp app and there won’t be any loss in data.
  • Now, share any Youtube/Facebook/Instagram video link and tap on the play button.
  • The video will be played in PIP mode directly and you can pinch in/out to increase the size.
  • You can tap on the top right corner to view in fullscreen mode.
  • To get the forward and backward controls, you need to watch the video in fullscreen mode.

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