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How To Correctly Charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 5



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Samsung’s new premium device Galaxy Note 5 supports both wired and wireless charging feature. The device comes with an adaptive fast charging adaptor. It has an output of 5V at 2A but for fast charging its has got 6V at 1.67A. The design of the charger is unique when compared to that of the other chargers and has got USB port on the bottom edge. Now follow the steps to charge your device. After inserting the SIM on your device. You need to charge your device before you proceed further.

  • Step 1: Insert the USB cable into the charging port of your device which is present at the bottom.
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  • Step 2: Now connect the USB cable to the Power adapter.
  • Step 3: The charging PIN of the device is unique, so you must have an international socket for the plugin.

  • Step 4: Now push the neutral pin out and insert the adapter into the power outlet.
  • Step 5: Further, wait until the charging is done and unplug the charger from the power outlet and disconnect it from a device.
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    Use default charger

    It is always recommended to charge your device using the power adapter given by Company, in this case its Samsung, as it is helpful in fast charging and useful in improving the battery life.

    Avoid Wireless charging

    The device comes with power adapter and microUSB cable. If you want to use the wireless charging, then you must have a wireless charging pad. You need to place the device in exact position on the wireless charging pad for your device to get charged. But sometimes in a hurry we misplace the device, but we think that our device is getting charged. So, mostly the wireless charging is to be avoided as it is bit slow than the wired charging. Since, the device comes with fast charging adapter, it’s recommended to use only the default charger that we get out of a box.

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