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Honor 8C Tips & Tricks



Huawei’s Honor India has yet unveiled another smartphone into the Indian market called – the Honor 8C. Not long ago, the company had unveiled its Honor 8X for the mid-range segment. The 8C, however, caters to below mid-range segment starting at Rs 11,999 for the 4GB+32GB variant and Rs 12,999 for the larger 4GB+64GB variant. The new 8C comes with an Android 8.1.0-based EMUI 8.2 out-of-the-box which has a bunch of new features, specifically in the camera department. Here are some of the ticks & tricks of the latest Honor 8C smartphone

Camera with AI

The Honor 8C features dual cameras set up on the rear that comprises of a 13MP primary sensor and a 2MP depth sensor. These cameras support built-in AI features that include 22 different scene detections with 500 different scenarios.

What this means is when AI is enabled it can help you detect the scene of the photo you are about to capture by analyzing the environment in the frame. The different scenarios help you achieve better images according to the lighting and environment conditions available.

Cameras with AR Mode & Adjustable Aperture

The Honor 8C features an AR shopping mode that helps you scan an object, and after detecting the object, it takes you through Amazon’s Assistant app wherein you can find it their e-commerce platform. This is a cool feature identical to Google Lens but works through third-party apps like Amazon Assistant.

Honor also features manual Aperture mode on the 8C’s dual cameras wherein you can adjust the aperture levels from 1-7. This feature only works on the cameras on the rear and not on the front.

In addition to these features, you can download other modes such as Good Food, Document Scan, and Watermark modes. These do the work for your images as implied by their naming, which further makes your pictures look more attractive accordingly.

Notch and Gestures

It’s evident that the latest Honor phones are featuring notch displays, if you aren’t still accustomed to those notches yet then you have a way to hide it under the ‘notch’ settings on the Honor 8C.

Gestures are the new way to interact with your smartphones, and the Honor 8C also has them. Instead of the old navigation dock with home, back and recent keys, now you can get accustomed to a single navigation bar or dock that lets you interact with your Honor 8C using Gestures.

When the navigation bar is enabled you can use it to open multitasking, long pressing gives your home screen, swiping up the nav bar can get you your Google Assistant, tapping once acts as a back button, swiping to the left and right can bring multitasking as well.

Eye Comfort mode

This new mode on the Honor 8C is a Night mode that helps you turn off the blue light emission from your LCD and reduces stress on your eyes especially in the darker environments.

The Eye Comfort mode can also be scheduled according to your desired time adjustments as well. It would be ideal to enable through the night till morning as it can help you get better sleep by disabling the blue light emissions from the display. The color temperatures of the display can also be adjusted accordingly.

Phone Clone

Phone Clone is quite a helpful feature for the Huawei or Honor device owners. If you are continually upgrading or changing to other Honor devices, then the Phone Clone can transit you go from one device to other seamlessly.

Honor device owners need to install the Phone Clone on the respective Old & New devices. After installing, users can accurately replicate the older device to a newer one. This seamless transition includes the transfer of contacts, photos, videos and other data from an older device to the new one.

App Twin

As the Honor 8C is a dual SIM enabled phone every popular app can have a secondary app with the built-in App Twin feature in the EMUI. For instance, apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger and social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can utilize these Twin App feature if you are into the multiple apps thing.

Multiple apps can be used for various purposes like differentiating personal and professional space’ apps accordingly; you can protect them with the EMUI’s App Lock feature as well.

Split Screen Multitasking

While this feature isn’t new to Android or the Honor for that matter, it’s probably still the most used feature on any smartphone. As the name suggests, apps can be set to multitasking mode by utilizing the large 6.26-inch display on the 8C.

This can only be enabled through the multitasking pane, and you can pin the required apps accordingly. For instance, you can binge-watch Youtube and scroll through Twitter or text simultaneously.

Fingerprint Sensor Gestures

The fingerprint scanner on the back does not just allow you to unlock the phone, but there are several gestures attached to them as well. And these gestures include touch and hold gestures that include taking a photo, answering a call or stopping an alarm just by simply tapping on the fingerprint scanner.

The other notable gestures are notably the possibility to bring down the notification panel by swiping down on the fingerprint sensor, no matter which app you are on. And the other swiping gesture allows you to scroll through photos in the gallery timeline by swiping left to the right, which is quite handy.

These are some of the prominent features you can use on the newly launched Honor 8C smartphone. While these aren’t the only ones available on the 8C, there are few other notable features as well, for instance – there’s smart resolution available on the 8C that adjusts your screen resolution to help you save power. And then, there’s party mode where you can utilize a couple of your friends’ Honor phones’ speaker to sync music playback.


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