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Honor 5C Vs LeEco Le 2 Smartphone Comparison



The smartphone industry in India has grown quite a lot over the years and this year we have seen that trend move forward with the launch of incredibly powerful handset at affordable pricing. While many people would believe that these smartphones can get more affordable. Well, it is quite true that smartphones every day are becoming more affordable as the time passes. But you got to believe that if you’re in the market searching for your next handset. You should not wait much longer because there are handsets that you could be happy buying right now.

Today in our series of smartphone comparisons, we bring you the showdown of the two of the latest mid-range handsets that are claimed to be best in the class. They are the Honor 5C and LeEco Le 2. We decide on the basis of the experience of using these handsets, whether you should go with Honor or LeEco handset.

Below is the breakdown of the battle between Honor 5C and LeEco Le 2.


There are things that I judge on every handset in terms of design based on the key features such as build quality, grip, ease of hold and many more things. Despite talking about the thickness and size of the device, I’ll be keeping this brief. Starting with Honor 5C, the device is pretty much the most comfortable handset I have used in a long time in this range. As many brands have shifted their focus from creating a comfortable and ideal size handset to sharp edges and longer in height, which is what the Le 2 is. It’s a large device, which isn’t comfortable in hands. It might seem that LeEco device has a good build quality, but you might have read our post about the flexing issue on the display, which is nothing short of a quality control issue. While there is no such issue prevailing on the Honor 5C handset. This clearly states that Honor 5C has done quite an impressive job with its quality as the company touts the rigorous testing.


The displays on both of the handsets are IPS panels, but as we mentioned above, LeEco has a quality issue. If you press little hard on the display, you can hear a sound. Whereas it’s not there on the Honor 5C display. Talking about the real estate size, well, Honor falls little short here at 5.2-inch against the 5.5-inch display. But hey, not everyone is a fan of large displays. For me, the 5.2-inch size is pretty ideal, as it allows enough space for the device to be comfortable. Talking about the color reproduction, the Honor seems to be better at that as well. Though, do make a note that viewing angles are average on both of these handsets.


As you might know that we recently decoded the Kirin 650 Octa-core processor that is Honor’s in-house SoC using 16nm FinFET Plus technology as its manufacturing node. Whereas if you didn’t know the Snapdragon 652 Octa-core processor is manufactured by 28nm process. Thus, despite higher benchmarking scores of 652, the 650 processor on the Honor 5C is a winner. The reason is that it offers better power efficiency and RAM management than LeEco handset. The Honor handset might have 2GB RAM only against the 3GB RAM, but what’s matter is the end-user experience. That’s why Kirin 650 is a clear winner here for better performance and power management.


Well, both the handsets sports different camera modules, while Honor 5C has a 13-megapixel image sensor on the rear, the LeEco Le 2 has a 16-megapixel sensor on the rear. Here you might be thinking that Honor smartphone would easily loose. Looking at the experience of using these cameras and outputs, we felt that Honor 5C has better rear snapper than Le 2. Apart from the outputs, there is one more reason that we thought that 5C could offer a camera enthusiast good experience. It has quicker auto-focusing than Le 2 or for fact better than most of the handsets in this price range. While the front-facing camera on both the handsets is at 8MP. Overall, we felt camera package on Honor 5C is something every camera enthusiast would like better.


There is a 3000 mAh battery capacity on both of these handsets, and that’s why you might be thinking that they both offer similar battery life. Well, if that is what you think you have got it all wrong. The battery life can’t be compared based on the battery capacity. We give you the truth about the battery life; the Honor 5C has better battery life than LeEco Le 2 smartphone. The simple reason is that it has a more efficient chipset in the form of Kirin 650 and a small 5.2-inch display. Moreover, the software on the Honor 5C is optimized for better app management, which results in fantastic battery life.


The conclusion is that Honor 5C smartphone excels in most of the deciding aspects of a smartphone. It has a better build quality and no doubt a comfortable handset to hold and operate with one hand. On top of offering fantastic build quality, it impresses us in the camera department, especially the rear shooter. And you know what; the Honor 5C is great in performance as well, despite the lower RAM and internal storage than LeEco Le 2. All thanks to the revolutionary 16nm based Kirin 650 chipset, which is highly optimized per the RAM, storage, and other things.

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