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Honor 5C vs Redmi Note 3 Smartphone Comparison



The Smartphone industry has changed a lot since the past couple of years, more so in the last recent months as brands like Honor has launched their affordable but quite powerful handsets in the price range below Rs 15,000. There are around three handsets that can be seen in that price range from the ambitious mobile company. But we are particularly interested in Honor 5C, which is the most recently launched handset from the company.

Today, we are doing the comparison of Honor 5C with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. A comparison that our readers had been asking for quite a time now. So, on popular demand, we bring you the showdown between Honor 5C and Redmi Note 3.


As far as the design is concerned, there are few things that I’m particular about – comfortability, looks, sturdyness. These things matter a lot, which is why Honor 5C is the best-designed handset in the mid-range segment when it comes to the design principles mentioned above. You get a stylish looking handset that sports an all-metal body construction, which is sturdy and comfortable to hold as the grip is tight. Whereas when it comes to the Redmi Note 3, well, it isn’t the most comfortable handset as the grip isn’t tight since the device is quite slippery. Moreover, despite good design intentions, it offers low-grade standard metal construction, which isn’t sturdy at all.


It is the most important part of the smartphone as it is what you see on the device. So, naturally, you would like to get the best display that is available in your budget. Here lies the tough competition as both the handset comes with a full HD resolution and more or less have similar panel technology. Talking from the real life usage experience, we have used this device as a daily driver for or detailed reviews. So, it can be stated that display on Honor 5C is pretty vivid when compared to the Redmi Note 3. There is no concrete decision here as both entities are at equal level.


Many brands these days just focus on offering a highly acclaimed processor on their handset, but they don’t realize that optimizing the processor with everything that is gathered on the handset must be done. Honor is one of the rarest brands that understands this need to be taken care. And it comes to company’s advantage that they have used an in-house processor, which is the Kirin 650 in their 5C smartphone. It uses 16nm FinFET process technology that not only makes it highly powerful but also power efficient as well. On the other hand, there is a 28nm manufactured chipset, Snapdragon 650 placed inside the Redmi Note 3. We aren’t stating that it’s an underperforming handset, but rather lacks on the technology part, which makes quite the impact during the real life experience of the device. We are immensely satisfied with Kirin 650 performance on 5C, while such can’t be said for Xiaomi handset.

Fingerprint Sensor

Honor 5C touts the implementation of the Second generation Swedish design fingerprint sensor on the rear side. According to the company it can unlock the screen within just 0.5 seconds. Now that is impressive! Xiaomi handset on the other hand sports fingerprint sensor on the rear side, which is claimed to have 0.3-second timer. The point here is that faster unlocking isn’t the thing to go for, you should rather find out whether the fingerprint on the device is stored on chip level of software level. Because if it’s stored at hardware level, they are vulnerable to get hacked, while chip level storage of fingerprints are more secure. Honor uses chip-level integration of the fingerprints storage, while Xiaomi may very well store them on software.


This is another important aspect of the smartphone that one should carefully find out if the outputs are really impressive before purchasing. Today, we are clearing the doubts, whether the Honor 5C has best camera or the Redmi Note 3. Well, starting of with camera specs first, the Honor handset packs 13-megapixel image sensor on the rear while there is a 16-megapixel image sensor in play on Xiaomi handset. Don’t judge smartphone camera by it’s megapixel count or any camera in question. Without stating the camera technologies, I would jump to the conclusion. The output on both cameras are up to the standard, but I would say Honor 5C takes faster macro shots when compared to Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Moreover, the color reproduction seems to be far superior on Honor handset.


We would like to conclude this smartphone showdown between Honor 5C and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 by saying that Honor smartphone gives much more bang for bucks when compared the real life user experience as it has sturdy design, performs faster as well as impressive camera setup. Don’t think much if your budget is more than Rs 10K, as this is the best-in-class handset.


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