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Honor 5C Camera Review



These days companies claim that they offer the best-in-class camera performance on their handsets, but most of them end up being untrue. Though, there are some rare brands that claim only what is true. Honor is one such online brand from Huawei, which has started operating in India just a year back. The brand, which is going to complete its two years soon has a new handset in town. It is called Honor 5C.

The new Honor 5C smartphone is the latest offering from a company that is priced for the mid-range segment in the country. We talked about the device in our first impressions as well as decoded the Kirin 650 chipset, which uses a 16nm process and is touted to be a revolutionary processor for the mid-range. Today we are doing testing the camera package of the device and finds out if they are worth the buy or not.

Below you can read our detailed camera of the Honor 5C, which includes explanation of the camera specifications, camera app, modes, video recording, selfie module and camera outputs in all lighting conditions.

Camera Specifications – Rear & Front

It is a common misconception among smartphone consumers that the larger megapixel counts in the camera module are the guarantee of better camera outputs. Well, sorry for the bearer of bad news, but the megapixel count doesn’t alone define the outputs on any camera. Even, the cameras with largest of megapixel count fail to produce good results. Now that we have got started on the megapixel thing let’s talk about the specifications of the camera module; rear and front, on the Honor 5C.

There is a 13-megapixel module at the job on the rear side of the phone, while the front-facing module is of 8-megapixel. Let’s first introduce the rear shooter, which has a f/2.0 aperture number. The f-number decides how much light can be entered into the module once you tap the shutter button. The lens in question here is a wide-angle 5P (element) macro lens with 78 degree, which claims to offer clarity in every shot. There are an anti-reflective, oleophobic coating and infrared absorbing coating on the camera glass. It reduces any glares, prevents fingerprints marks and stops the IR light reaching from within the sensor.

The front-facing module has an 8-megapixel resolution count, which is quite high when compared to the competition. The lens fitted has an aperture number of f/2.0 and is a wide-angle lens with a 77-degree field of view. The four elements (4P) ensure you get the crystal clear image rendering when you take those selfies at the dinner table. The company claims that with Prime image signal processor it offers best-in-class image processing. Moreover, with the help of automatic scene recognition, you can expect the outputs to be true to nature as the camera is able to identify the scene.

Camera App – Modes

Coming to the camera modes, the camera app packs a ton of modes, but first let’s talk a little bit about the camera app itself. I would say that it is quite an intuitive app, there are lots of devices go through our desk, while not most of them have such an incredible app experience in the camera department. Taking some queues, the brand has a clean and highly functioning camera app, once you swipe from the left; you see all the modes easily accessible. If you swipe right from the home, you get all the camera settings like resolution, timer, audio and lots of options to control the camera setup on rear and front.

Honor 5C (14)

Now moving on to the talk of different modes this camera app can offer. Starting with the HDR, many smartphones doesn’t allow the flashlight to use while the HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode is ON. Whereas on the Honor 5C, you can use flashlight and HDR mode at the same time, which in order helps in capturing better portraits and group shots during low light conditions. There is a Pro mode, which allows you to control exposure, white balance, ISO, focus and other range of camera settings. Good food mode makes your output more colorful and rich. There is a beauty mode which is available for images and videos as well, unlike many smartphones out there in the market. All focus is particularly an interesting mode, which allows you to change the focus even after the image is captured. You will also see mode for videos such as slow motion and time-lapse, although, it can’t record in 4K, which is kind of sad part.

We took the camera for a spin in all kinds of lighting conditions ranging from natural, artificial and low light. You can see the results in below galleries.

Artificial Light – Gallery

Natural Light – Gallery

Low Light – Gallery


The Honor 5C camera package is one of the best contenders in the mid-range. I was quite impressed with the focusing on the rear module, as the macro shots seem to get into focus quite fast. You just launch the camera app and put the device in front of that tiny object you want to capture, and it will put the crispy focus on object quickly. These days many modules claim that they offer best camera module. Well, it’s not just about the camera hardware, although, optimizing the software is also important. Here I would say that Honor has done the pretty impressive job. The selfie module is equally good on this camera setup.


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