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Honor 5C offers One of the Best Battery Life In Mid-Range Segment



It goes without saying that a battery life on can make or break the experience on a smartphone. Consumers always seem to be having a sort of anxiety of running out of battery life on their smartphones. That is why a good battery life is something; everybody wants on their smartphones.

When we go by theory, a phone should easily last a single day no matter the use case. Although, battery life is a complex matter to address. But it’s a common misconception among smartphone consumers that battery capacity and battery life are closely relevant. In that case, they are completely ignoring the fact about total system power drawn while usage varies a lot, according to the needs.

That’s why explicit battery tests need to be done on devices so that they would help people in getting to know the real life results of the battery performance on a handset. It will help them to decide if they should buy that handset or just skip it. Today we are contributing to that principle by reviewing the battery life on recently launched handset Honor 5C. Note that it won’t be extensive, but will give you a brief idea about how is the battery life on the new Honor smartphone.


  • 3000 mAh battery+power-efficient chipset
  • Compact battery design with 650 Wh/L energy density and large 3000 mAh capacity.
  • 16 nm power-efficient Kirin 650 chipset with big.LITTLE architecture decreases power consumption by 40%.

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Audio Playback

Most of us like to listen to music every day and smartphones these days offer great audio playback, gone the days when people would buy MP3 players. You could easily store thousands of songs on your device, and it is your best companion to play music on the go. That’s why we tried testing the audio playback time on the new Honor 5C. Just for 30 minutes of continues playback on Wynk music app drained a battery life of around 4-5%, which is quite great. Note that we were playing the music via loudspeakers, but not on headphones.

Video Playback

While talking about the video playback, we played a 720p video at 75% brightness and it continuously went on for 2 hours and battery fall was around 22%, which is on par with most of the handsets. During this video playback, the audio was also playing via a loud speaker at maximum level. We considered continuing the video for a longer time just to see how much longer it can play videos until the battery is a drain. Well, it was quite surprising that it lasted for more than nine hours, as most of the handsets last around 7 hours.


We all do browsing on our handsets, mostly in the default browser, which is Chrome in many cases, while in other cases it’s the company’s proprietary browser. For the most time during browsing test we were on the Wi-Fi network and quite a less time on mobile data. The brightness level was set at 50%, which is an ideal level for content visibility in most conditions. Though, of course, if you’re reading while in the broad daylight you might want to bright up the screen, so we did. While most tests will tell you that you can do continuous browsing for 10 hours on your handset, but practically why anyone would do that. So, here we are stating the obvious. After the practical usage of around 1 hour in a day spent during browsing, the battery life drain you’ll see would be around 10%. Note that we have spent most times outside using the device, so of course, the brightness levels were on the higher side.

Camera Recording

We put battery test on a camera review path, where we recorded a bunch of time-lapse on the device to under how much battery life would be consumed if you took Honor 5C with you on a weekend trip, where you won’t necessarily have a power unit to charge up the phone. We took four time-lapse of 30 minutes, which is a total two hours of camera recording time. The device saw around 22% of battery life drop after two hours worth of time-lapse recording. Note that time-lapse recording takes a lot of toll on the chipset as it needs to process a lot of frames within a small interval.

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It all drills down to how long a device lasts once it’s fully charged. The Honor 5C is a device that promises to give you highest performance as well as power efficiency with its revolutionary Kirin 650 chipset using 16 nm FinFET Plus technology. The battery life on this handset seems to be quite amazing as you might have read above in the individual aspects. In every aspect, the device has excelled in offering best of the both worlds; performance and power efficiency. Moreover, the device offers good standby time, as during the 7 hours of idle time in the night; it saw a drop of 4%, which is fine. One could easily put the device on power saving mode and get less percentage drop during the long idle time. Overall, I would rate this handset to be quite impressive in terms of battery life.

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