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HereO – GPS Watch for Kids for Location Tracking with Real-time GPS



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These days, keeping an eye on kids while they are playing outdoors has become a problem for the parents. Whenever their kid goes out to play or for some purpose, parents have to look after them, and it’s hell of a job to go along and trace all the time. So, keeping this as the requirement, hereO has come up with a new GPS tracking watch for children. It enables parents to know about the child through hereO app on mobile. This hereO watch comes with an EDP display screen, in-build SIM-card, a battery and GSM service pre-installed in it.

HereO Smartwatch

It is designed especially for kids three years and up which are in eye-catching color variants. The dimensions of the watch are 32 x 30 x 14 mm, and the front has the EPD screen. The features of the watch include:

  • The watch will come with a build-in SIM-card and will connect automatically to local carrier in more than 120 countries without roaming charges.
  • The watch has water-resistant body and a GPS locator system. The GPS tracker system will trace the child’s whereabouts at all times. It helps in locating child’s location on the mobile through hereO app.
  • When in need, the watch would send Panic alerts to the family members using the hereO application and it would include the current location of the child, tracked by the GPS.
  • Whenever the watch is removed, it would again send a notification / emergency alert to the app with the current location of the child.
  • Something even better with the app is that you would get the directions to the particular place where the child was located, if you wanted to go there. The app shows you the history of all the previous locations where the child has been.

hereO app

It has a battery which can with stand up to 24 – 72 hours. So, this tracker watch will be definitely benefit for parents those who own it.

At present, this app will run only on IOS phones and later will be developed in Windows Smart phones by June 2014.
It’s a project at Indiegogo right now, and the price for this GPS watch is $129 as the early bird offer has ended. Check out the project here.


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