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From Chetan Bhawani – Hasta La Vista, PhoneRadar!



PhoneRadar team

September 1st, last year. We announced this website after putting in a lot of effort, and I felt we were a class apart because this wasn’t just a blog but much more than that. Although announced in September, we were working on this throughout the day, since April 2014. PhoneRadar has gone to a good stage now, and we have a team that is capable of taking it ahead the way it is headed to.

I never thought I would be writing this. Words may seem less, but this seriously was the only thing I worked on in the past one year. But now, I’m looking forward to explore a few other things. I am not as good a multi-tasker I was in college, and thus I won’t be able to continue writing on, and managing PhoneRadar.

What next? In the coming days, I’ll be announcing what I am going to do. Technology is my passion, and there is no way why I would keep myself away from it, so something very cool and exciting in the field of tech will be coming soon. Very soon, in fact. Had founded The Wearable Stuff at a point of time when there was rarely any proper resource that reported about the latest in wearable tech, but that still has a long way to go. The smartphone, camera, television tech is growing rapidly, and I’d stick myself to around the same but not limited to it.

Am I going to work somewhere? that’s the last thing in my list, always. I work for myself, with like-minded people, but working for someone is what I haven’t ever done, so the fear of adjusting myself for something haunts me and pushes me to do something by myself.

You are forgiven if you didn’t know that I am a Dentist by profession. Had run a practice in the past, and it never gave the satisfaction I wanted from it. Now, there is something I am working on, which might be beneficial to every budding Dentist in the country.

So you see, a lot of plans in mind. But to execute them and see them grow at any pace, there has to be a plug pulled at the current projects. PhoneRadar has always been very close to me, and it is because of this, that I have been able to make great friends and learn a lot.

Because I am not leaving the tech community, there is not much to say, except for the “Stay Tuned” note. Follow me on the social channels to know what’s next. PhoneRadar will continue to run and grow the way it is right now, and the awesome team on the front-end and back-end are more capable than me to handle things here.

The last experience with the team was the amazing time spent while torture-testing a device, and may be most of the team members too aren’t aware about this 🙂 But you guys will keep it going, I’m sure.

Hasta La Vista!

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