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Hackers Breach Sprint Customer Accounts using Samsung’s Website



Not long ago, Boost Mobile customers had a data breach that compromised user accounts and now Sprint has confirmed that hackers have managed to gain unauthorized access to few of its customer accounts via Samsung’s “add a line” website on 22nd of June. As of now Sprint has not mentioned or revealed the number of customers that got affected by the breach.

The Carrier has sent a letter to its affected customers saying that personal information that might have been viewed by hackers that include the customer’s first and last name, device type, subscriber ID, account number, device ID, phone number, upgrade eligibility, billing, and add-on services, monthly recurring charges, account creation date and upgrade eligibility.

Sprint also mentioned that the hackers were not able to get any other kind of information other than the mentioned once which could pose a risk of fraud or identity theft. Furthermore, Sprint has told CNET that credit card and social security number of its customers are encrypted and were not compromised during the breach. It has also said that it has taken appropriate action to secure the accounts of its customers from unauthorized access.

Sprint has re-secured the affected customer’s accounts three days after the breach on 25th of June by resetting the account PIN. On the other hands, Samsung has accepted that fraudulent attempts were made to access Sprint user account information via its website and it also clarifies that Sprint login credentials used to gain unauthorized access were not obtained from its website. It also said that it was not any Samsung user account information accessed as part of the hacking attempts. It has already taken measures to prevent such fraudulent attempts again.

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