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Google’s Seventh Messaging App “Meet” Video Chat Service launched



As you can already read from the title, this is Google‘s seventh messaging application. More on that a bit later but let’s talk about this new one. This new messenger which Google has launched now is for business purposes. It’s called “Meet by Google Hangouts.” According to the company, this is meant for the high definition video calls and it looks more like an attempt to take out Skype. However, what’s interesting is, they haven’t made any official announcement of the same and have kept it rather quiet.

Talking about the app itself, it looks more like the Google Hangouts on the web. However, there is a beautiful scenic backdrop here with this one. The interface seems to be dead simple, and there aren’t many options to explore. In fact, there is only one option, i.e., to join a meeting using the code. The fact that there is not even an option to start a new meeting makes us feel like it is not ready yet or maybe more updates are on the way. So as of now, it looks like you can only join one.

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The app was pushed in the App Store which more looks like an accidental push since it now pulled back. But the folks over at Techcrunch managed to get a couple of screenshots which we can further analyze. The basic interface of the app shows a quick list of meetings which are scheduled. You can see details like the time of the meeting, members active, etc. To join one, tap on the Join button, and you are good to go. It looks like we will have more to report once we have our hands on the app.

According to Techcrunch, the app has an enterprise-specific limitation. It looks like the dial-in numbers are only going to be available to the customers who have G suite enterprise edition. As mentioned earlier, we will have more on this later once the app again shows up online. However, talking about the different messenger apps which we have, there are a lot from Google and let’s just hope that this one doesn’t end up being just another client out there.

The company had first launched the Google Wave in 2009. It was followed by Google Buzz later the next year and then came the Google+ social networking site with integrated Google Talk/ Messenger. Then came Google’s Hangout and last year it also announced Google Allo & Duo. And now we have yet another on the table. It’s like Google simply can’t stop making messaging apps. Having said that, let us know what do you think about it and would you be interested in using this later when it is launched officially. Be sure to comment down below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for details on this.


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