Google’s Native Ad Blocker Shows Up On Chrome Canary For Android

by Teja Chedalla 6

Google tests all the new features with the Canary build of Chrome before adding to the public version. Now, the latest version of Chrome Canary for Android features a built-in ad blocker. While ads are the main source of income for the publishers, the visitor doesn’t want to see the pop-up banners or the auto-play videos. The ad blocker on Chrome Canary is said to block the intrusive ads. However, it is disabled by default, and the user has to manually enable it from the settings. Earlier this year, Google has officially confirmed to introduce the adblocker within the Chrome browser from 2018.

While the Firefox Focus for Android removes all the ads, the built-in ad blocker in Chrome Canary only blocks ads from sites that show intrusive or malicious ads. The ad block option can be found in the Settings > Site Settings > Ads. As of now, Chrome Canary has more than 500,000 downloads which very small number when compared to the one billion downloads of Google Chrome for Android. While the ad blocker makes a little impact with the Chrome Canary, we can see a huge difference once it is added to the Google Chrome.

The Google Chrome is the most popular browser both on web and mobile, and Google is also a dominant player in the online advertising world. Google says the ad blocker in Chrome will only block the ads which don’t comply with the Better Ads Standards released by Coalition for Better Ads. However, we think the ad blocker in the Chrome might affect ads from other platforms more than the Google itself. Along with the ad blocker, the Google will also add funding options in the Chrome browser.

With the funding option, the publishers can show a message to the ad blocker users to pay a certain fee to get the ad-free version of the website. Having said that how many of you are interested in paying for the content on a particular website? Share your opinion with us by commenting down below or tweet us at @PhoneRadarBlog.

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  • Dr. Liu Min Han

    Good feature, but it should be turned on by default.

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    Great 👌

  • Very useful feature, waiting for it to come to Chrome Android app!

    I don’t think anybody would be interested to pay for certain websites to avoid Ad, however, for the premium version of Chrome App, people won’t mind for better enhancements such as this..👍

  • Vishal Giri

    that’s interesting!!

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    Now A Days Google Will Came With New Product & Features. In This Way Chrome Its Safety & Secure Web Browser In All Device. I Will Also Used Chrome.

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