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The Google Search App on Android might be getting a new Interface soon



Google has a ton of mobile applications to its name, which is quite obvious considering te number of services they have as well. However, they have never failed to update their apps, ensuring that we as the end users always get the best experience. Talking about apps, one of the main app which they have is the naturally the Google Search App, and according to the new reports which we have, it looks like the company is testing new app interface for the app.

Google search app as we all know comes really handy and is probably one of the most functional apps that one can use to get things done in an effective way. Yes, there are individual apps for everything that offers way more functionalities than the basic search app, but still, if you are on the go and want quick results, then this is the way to go. Although there is nothing wrong with the current interface, it has been indicated that the app is due getting a makeover very soon.

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A Reddit user shared a couple of screenshots of what appears to be the new look of Google App. Taking a look these screenshots, we can see that the functionality of the app and all the options remains pretty much the same, however, the look has been changed, and it looks aesthetically more appealing. Now once you open the App, you will be taken to search screen which will take up the entire screen. This screen will not only show you the recent searches, but it looks like you also will be able to view your cards, etc.

Moving on, as you go to the Image tab, you will see that it shows some of the popular searches and as you move further, you can also some sort of an app drawer as well. It has been reported that particular look of the app is running on Google App Beta However, other people who are on the same beta or even on Beta are not seeing this new looks. Hence it looks like this is more of a server-side change.

Also, since this new look is currently in beta, we are not really sure if Google will actually bring these visual changes to the final version of the app. It is highly possible that they are simply testing it and considering a possibility. Maybe if the feedback is good, then we might eventually see this making it to the final version. With that said, let us know what do you think about this new looks. Would you like to see some changes in the app or would you rather have an existing look. Be sure to leave a comment down below and also stay tuned to know more about this.


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