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How to get Google Pixel’s New ‘Live Earth’ Wallpapers on any Android Device



Google launched the new smartphones i.e. the Pixel and the Pixel XL, and we have to admit they look stunning. The smartphone is outright perfect from both inside and out. But the main the focus is the software of the smartphone which takes the cake here. The Android version running here is the best in business and has some neat features which are exclusive to Pixel smartphones only. Eventually, they might make it to other smartphones via an update, but the chances are less.

When you talk about the exclusive features, of course, the Google Assistant is one of them, but even small things make it look and feel way better. And one such small aspect is the wallpapers. The Google Pixel smartphones come with an amazing new ‘Live Earth’ wallpapers, which not only looks great but also differentiate them from others in the market. The company partnered with a design agency especially for them, and the result is in front us today.

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As the name suggests, these ‘Live Earth’ wallpapers combine Google Earth’s high-def satellite imagery with a unique 3D parallax effect. And how does it looks? It looks gorgeous as it changes perspective as you move between screens. It is a unique design and is definitely something new which we have never seen so beautifully implemented before. Well, the catch is, you get to enjoy them only if you own one of the Google Pixel smartphones. But hey, this is Android, right? We can do what we want to and achieve any type of customization.

A UK based developer did some amazing magic here and developed us an APK which can run these wallpapers on your device. Well, there’s no magic here, you can say he painfully dug through the files of the Pixel system and combined all the available resources in the form of an APK. What does this mean? It means that you can install the APK and get what is believed to be one of the best features of the Google Pixel smartphones. And don’t worry, you don’t need to root your smartphone here.

With that being said, let’s check out some of the pre-requisites for this to work –

  • Android 6.0 or higher.
  • “Enable ‘Unknown Sources” within settings.
  • Device with an ARM64 processor. (You can check this with CPU-Z app)
    [wpdm_package id=’48932′]

With that out of the way, now follow the steps given below to download and install the APK –

  • If you have all the required specs mentioned above, proceed to download the Pixel’s Live Earth Wallpapers APK.
    [wpdm_package id=’49298′]
  • Once downloaded and installed successfully, now you are good to go. If your device is not supported, then the application won’t be installed. And it might take some time to download since the file size if 80MB as it includes all the necessary libraries etc.
  • Now it’s time to pick the wallpaper. If you are using the new Google Pixel launcher, then all you have to do is, tap and hold on an empty space on the home button and then select wallpapers.
  • Once you are in, tap and select the live wallpapers and select the one you want to be applied.
  • On the other hand, if you are using any other launcher, then simply find your wallpapers among the others from the menu.

The first thing that you will notice once you set the wallpapers are how different these are fro your regular ones. As mentioned earlier, it changes its perspective to give you an immersive experience altogether. And as you move through the screens, the wallpaper will rotate along with it giving you a different perspective. And if you didn’t notice already they have a unique feature too. For instance, the “Horizon” image goes from sunrise to sunset as your battery drains from full to empty. And also the “Your world” wallpaper will depict your location on the globe and will go along with the time.

Now that you know how to get them on your device be sure download and install and let us know how you like it. If these does not amaze you, then you better us know what are the other alternatives to this one. Stay tuned for more how-to like this one and be sure to check the previous one as well.


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