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Google Pixel Smartphones may come with Dual-boot support to run multiple ROMS



Android is known and preferred by many over other OS mainly due to the flexibility of customization. Users can go crazy and pretty much achieve anything with Android when it comes to customization. But the limitation here is, users will be able to run only one Android boot at a given time. So although there are several ROMs available in the market, it may not be as flexible to jump through one another that easily. It is definitely possible, but highly complicated.

But now it looks like things are about to change. We have a couple of interesting reports claiming that the upcoming Pixel smartphones will come with an ability to dual boot two Android systems and it may not be as difficult as it right now. According to the source, the new smartphones would actually have duplicate copies of system partitions in a device in order to facilitate Nougat’s new seamless software update feature. Well, if you are not aware, the system storage is divided into different partitions. This is done to serve a specific purpose or data.

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Usually, Android system partitions are divided and come with several partitions but in case of the new version i.e. Nougat, devices will have duplicate partitions for system related files. The reason for the same is, Nougat comes with a seamless software update feature is we have already seen in Chrome OS. So, from now on just like the Chrome OS, the new updates will be applied on the duplicate partitions. Once successfully installed, during the reboot, the partitions are automatically swapped which will allow the system to boot into the freshly updated partition.

And now, it is speculated that this system can be utilized to allow users to boot between two different Android installations. So if you are running stock Android, then you can simultaneously run a custom ROM like CyanogenMod. Currently, such a system is only been made possible via hacks like MultiROM. And hacks are usually risky, so this is a nice feature to have this out of the box. However, at this point, it is not confirmed so we have to wait until it is proved in practice. So stay tuned for more detailed info on this.


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