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Google Pixel 4 Expected to Come With P3 Wide Color Gamut Support



Upcoming Google Pixel 4, which has already been teased by the search giant is said to be supporting the new P3 wide-color gamut instead of the conventional sRGB gamut, according to folks at XDA Developers. Apple iPhones from iPhone 7 and above have been supporting this feature natively, and with Google Pixel 4 it might foray into future Android phones as well.

For those unaware, P3 wide-color gamut has a wide range of colors than the conventional sRGB in Android phones. For over the past three years, while iPhones have been utilizing the P3 wide color gamut across capturing images and apps like social apps, for instance, the Android has still been using the sRGB across its ecosystem. This could change as Google has announced that it will bring Wide Color Photos coming to Android this year.

Google announced this back in May, and it seems to be a possibility now as Senior member of XDA cstark27 has reportedly found code related to the possible wide-gamut in native Google Camera app, which allowed wide-gamut P3 color capture. The report also mentioned that it was earlier predicted that it could come with last year’s Google Pixel 3XL; however, it hadn’t happened. And now, according to the code found on Google Camera app, folks at XDA have already used this new mode via a build made by cstark27, and the captured images looked promising. (You can check the images captured in the source link mentioned below)

According to the report, the images captured with the P3 wide color gamut enabled build have showcased more natural colors when compared to the conventional sRGB color space. However, users have to bear in mind, that there aren’t any significant color differences in the images captured through P3 wide color gamut; instead, the images captured are very subtle, and noticeable differences aforementioned — the colors appear more natural.

That said, this P3 wide color gamut should work across system-wide similar to Apple iPhone 7 and above, and currently, only Samsung’s Gallery app apparently color manages the photos in the Gallery. According to the XDA report, it is possible this wide-color gamut P3 colors could perhaps come to Android ecosystem this year, across the social media apps, and it is likely to be foreseen in Google Pixel 4 since it is coming with dual cameras this year as well. Stay connected to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.



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