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Google Photos 2.0 for iOS gets update that Converts Live Photos into GIFs



Google has released the Version 2.0 of the Google Photos application for iOS and now give its users the ability to edit Live Photos and make them into shareable GIFs and video clips which in turn will make the images more accessible to other that are not using Apple. Isn’t that interesting? This will bring smiles both for iOS users as well as other users.

Google Research introduced the ability to edit Live Photos couple of months earlier. The app searched for the Camera Roll for the Live photos, and the users can edit them to GIFs or videos with minimal shake. This feature has been rolled out with the Google Photos V 2.0 and makes it more interesting to the users to share their images on social networks.

The new version of the Google Photos also lets the user share video clips on YouTube although you can’t edit it in detail. Although there are other apps on the Apple store that can be used to edit the videos. Recently we have seen the blast of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and there is news that this device is banned on many flights. Samsung has also recalled many of its units and will replace them by new ones.

Apple iOS 10 is going to be rolled on September 13th to list of devices that is listed in out article (Click here to read) and we also have listed the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pricing around the world along with its availability. You can also download the latest wallpapers for these devicesby clicking here.

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