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Google Chromecast 2.0 & Audio Announced – Smarter with New Features



Google introduced their Chromecast stick two years ago, and it was the only affordable form factor that would allow streaming of media content from small screen to large screen. Since, then many competitors have arrived on the market, and Chromecast has been improved upon but only in terms of offering supports for more services.

But how about a new hardware? Well, you asked for it. The Mountain View giant has announced to new chromecasts today and has upgraded what these sticks used to be. The modest but most welcomed improvements include change in the design.

Chromecast 2.0

The second generation Chromecast looks more like a 3D printed version of the Chrome logo. The dongle would be coming in three color variants this time including Black, Red and Yellow.There is an introduction of faster Wi-Fi on 2nd Gen Chromecast, which was much needed since the current standard was getting too old. The new chromecast would be supporting 802.11ac protocols of Wi-Fi, which also means that there is a support of 5GHz networks.

There is a New App that would allow you to do more than just setup your device. Chromecast for photos rolls out this week on Android and “very soon” for iOS. The pace of apps launching on Chromecast is accelerating and company plans a lot more introductions.

Such as the Showtime now works with Chromecast. Moreover, Apps from NBA, NHL and many more podcasts and radio stations are coming for Chromecast. Staggering over 20 million of older models have been sold. Now with updates, company plans offer much better features and availability of more channels to stream with.

What’s incredible is that the pricing has remained same, that is, $35. You get a new design, support for faster Wi-Fi, and many more things for the same price. It would be in 17 countries across the online and offline stores. Wow! And that was not it, there is a second Chromecast also, named Chromecast Audio.

Chromecast Audio

Said to make your existing speakers smarter, the Chromecast Audio will enable internet connectivity on your not so smart speakers. Just think of how SONOS works, just more portable thing to attached and carry.

Chromecast Audio - Featured

Priced at same, $35, the idea with this product is that everyone has either surround sound speakers, a nightstand speaker or some sort of speakers at their house. These all have one thing in common, the AUX output. The Chromecast Audio utilizes that port and makes controlling the speakers more convenient.

This product offers high-quality capabilities, 2 volt RMS, as well as an optional hybrid output. This thing is pretty awesome. According to Google, there’s no compression of audio, no TV needed and no special accessories to hook-up the product to the speaker. You just plug and play!


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