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Google I/O 2015 Recap: The Best Announcements at the Keynote



Google I/O 2015

That time of the year when we expect to see some excellent announcements in the advancement of technology, from the giant responsible for the largest smartphone operating system. Google’s I/O event is going to be held in a day from now, and we expect no less than some surprises, but when there’s this whole big world of tech publications leaking out stuff before it happens, some predictions are bound to happen.

The annual I/O developer conference from Google is going to have a keynote led by Sundar Pichai, on 28th May 12:30PM, and that is what everyone would be looking forward at. This is expected to be over a couple of hours, and you cannot expect just a couple of announcements dragged for a long time. Here’s what we are expecting from the Google I/O conference this year.

Android M

Top features in Android M

The next version of Android OS. Too early? not for its makers. The Android Lollipop OS hasn’t penetrated well, but the next version is announced at the keynote, There are some important features announced, and the Android M will release in third quarter of this year.

Google Photos

Google Photos

A new app, or a rebrand of Google+ Photos, you choose. But there is a lot about this, including unlimited photo and video storage, of course with some limitations. It is going to be available for Android, iOS and the web.

Inbox open for all

Google Inbox is now going to be available for everyone, without needing an invite. Also, it will now support signatures as well.


A new cardboard, with 3-step installation and a new button is introduced. The new cardboard will also support 6-inch screen size as well. The Cardboard SDK will be available for both, Android and iOS.

Offline Maps

Google will soon start the Offline maps service, where, without the Internet connectivity, Google Maps won’t just show the locations and inclusions, but also give directions to the users.

Designed for Families in App Store

The Google Play Store will now have a “Designed for Families” section, so as to differentiate the apps and make it more friendly for the kids. There will also be a section for kids, though we had expected a separate app for kids, like Youtube for Kids was made.

What we expected to see, but didn’t

New Nexus

Nexus was going to be rested when we last heard of it. But, the recent rumors claim it the other way. A new Nexus device is going to be announced by Google, it seems. Details are scarce, thus this is strictly a prediction and we are hoping Google keeps on with its Nexus series, without retiring it. Everyone loves Nexus!

Project Ara

Project Ara Modules

Project Ara is almost here, with a developer conference held recently talking about it, and showcasing how it works. The modules were functional enough to show how Project Ara is the future. Google might talk about its future and officially make this available anytime soon, in some places.

Android Auto / Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars from Google are a reality. Sergey Brin has been someone actively participating into stuff like this, and his presentation with Google Glass is well known. Will Google surprise the mass with something crazy shown using one of these self-driving cars the company is working on?

Project Fi + Android device

With Android One, Google wanted to reach the suburbs by selling smartphones at affordable prices. Project Fi is Google’s own wireless data plans and that as well, is something good at pricing. Won’t that be a sweet combination if Google announces a merger of the two, and come up with Android One smartphones with attractive Project Fi plans?

Chromecast 2

Google Chromecast

Chromecast was one such handy accessory many loved, for it being able to make your TV into a smarter one showing content from your smartphone. With that being so popular, how about a new version having newer and better features? If you remember, there was a Google Cast for Audio feature announced few months back. An upgrade to Chromecast is what one can ask for, right now.

Google Play for Kids

Video thumbnail for youtube video YouTube for Kids now Available Download iOS App & Android App APK » PhoneRadar

Google had recently announced the Youtube for Kids app, that was real handy for those who had kids always wanting to watch videos. The content is open in Youtube app, and irrelevant videos open up most of the times, thus the Youtube for Kids was a good app. How about something like a Play Store for kids? It won’t be a surprise because Google had purchase the teams who made kids apps such as Toontastic and TeleStory.

Fitness Trackers from Google

The company has a product from its own side in almost all categories, but the Google Fit app hasn’t got anything made by Google, or at least, branded by the company. How about some fit accessories, like a clip-based accessory that helps track steps and sleep. There’s an abundance of them already in the wearable market, but always good to have one from Google.

Google Glass 2

Let’s admit it. Google Glass wasn’t a big success. Several restrictions, pricing, and a lot more reasons for it to get the reach it deserved. If a new version of Google Glass, showing some actual possibilities and a glimpse at the future plans with this wearable from Google, is announced at the I/O this year, we’ll be convinced that Google isn’t just into experimenting.

Newer Android Wear version

Apart from Android OS, the one OS that Google is strongly working on, is the Android Wear OS for smartwatches. It is tough enough to compete against Apple’s UI in Apple Watch, and is the only one OS for smartwatches that has been doing well since its beginning. Google might keep making it better, and may well announce some upgrades to the Wear OS, at the conference.

It is a developers conference, thus we expect more of OS related stuff, though some devices (Nexus?) introduced would be an icing on the cake. Let’s see what Google has in plans.


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