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Google Duo V44 to Introduce Low Light & New Data Saving Modes



With the latest update, Google Duo is introducing the features like new Low Light mode and Data saving mode. The last Google Duo release is now widely available with the expanded Chromebook support and now the latest version number V44 has already started rolling out and as you know Google Duo is also testing a new call answering UI which drops the standard Swipe to answer interface for ignoring and Answer buttons.

Well, the Low Light mode can be accessed just with a button that will be shown on the call screen along with the options for muting as well as hanging up on the call. Furthermore, Google also aims to implement low-light is not clear yet but it could be improving the exposure level of the overall image. In the previous Duo v43 teardown, the elements of a new Data Saving mode came in the front and it would trim the video resolution for all while making a call to save more data.

This feature will be most useful to someone is on mobile data or even metered Wi-Fi connectivity. With the new update, the Data saving mode will further save data with the help of the new data usage toggle implemented. The users will be intimated on the same on the screen with the help of an icon. The update also allows its user to record a message in Duo and select an existing clip from the gallery of the device.

The new recording feature will let its user record a message in Duo or even select a clip from the phone which also lets us add text and draw messages but it could only be sent to one person at a time. Moreover, Google has also added a toggle in the setting to control the long featured phone dealer integration that maintains the call history of the user. This new update will be rolled out gradually or else you can also update it directly from the Play Store. Did you receive the update? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news and updates.



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