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Google is developing a new OS called Fuchsia, still in early stages of development



The new version of Android i.e. the 7.0 Nougat is just a couple of months away. It will officially be rolling to the eligible devices (confirmed till now) along with the new hardware to go with it. Nothing new with that right? They do every year. But what’s unusual is, Google working on an entirely new operating system. Yes, apparently the company is cooking something new here.

According to sources, developers at Google are working on a new operating system dubbed Fuchsia OS. At this point, it can’t be predicted if it is being developed for mobile devices, computers, etc. It is something completely new from the company. Evidence for the same has been spotted in the Git repository. The description for this is saying “Pick + Purple == Fuchsia (a new operating system).

The description doesn’t reveal much, but once you start digging deep inside, things start making a lot of sense. It is also reported that, Travis Geiselbrech and Brian Swetland, both of them who have previously worked on several operating system projects are involved in this project. It looks like the mysterious operating system will be powered by the Magenta and LK Kernel. LK is a kernel designed for small systems typically used in embedded applications, however, on the other hand, Magenta targets modern smartphones and personal computers with fast processors and high amounts of RAM.

So at this point, there are a lot of speculation going around about this new OS and what it is going to be used for. It could also be something new from the Android and Chrome OS merger. But the company says there is nothing to report at this point. And since this OS is still in early stage of development, we might not have anything new on this for a while. So stay tuned as we will update the thread once we have something.


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