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Google Confirms It’s Working on Foldable Pixel Smartphone



At the beginning of this year, we have seen two foldable smartphones from the two largest smartphone brands. While the Samsung came up with the in-folding Galaxy Fold, Huawei announced the Mate X with the out-folding design. The foldable smartphone can be unfolded to experience the bigger display in the tablet form factor. Also, the foldable pretty thick when compared to the standard smartphones. Considering these the first-gen devices, we might see a better implementation in terms of hardware and software with the next-gen devices.

Apart from Samsung and Huawei, a few Chinese manufacturers including Xiaomi and OPPO also teased their foldable smartphones. According to CNET, Google is also working a foldable smartphone from quite some time. The latest Android Q Beta recently released by Google also officially support the foldable form factor. However, the company still doesn’t see a clear use case yet for the foldable smartphone. While the company prototyping the foldable displays, we still don’t think the foldable pixel smartphone will be launched any time soon.

Google was never good at the hardware part, the flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL ran into several issues. Even the users complained about the AMOLED display of the Google Pixel 3 showing a yellowish tint. The company like Huawei and Samsung might be the better options to take the next leap in the foldable smartphone category. Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t have the advantage to offer apps designed for tablets in the tablet mode of foldable smartphones. The iOS apps for iPads are specially built for large screen displays.

Even when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note Edge, the curved display is not perfect. After several iterations, the dual curved displays on the latest smartphones offer a seamless experience. Samsung was supposed to launch the Galaxy Fold smartphone in the month of May in the US. The company indefinitely posted the launch after the display issues occurred. Since the foldable displays are flexible in nature, they come with plastic protection on the top. As of now, Google hasn’t revealed any more details about the foldable Pixel smartphone. Stay tuned on Phone Radar for more details!



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