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Google Confirms Dark Mode in Android Apps Saves Battery



Google added the Dark Mode feature to many Android apps to prevent the brilliant White background of Android’s Material Design from blinding the users. There is another reason for Google to bring the dark more, i.e. the smartphones with AMOLED panels will be saving battery life while in the dark mode. This is because the individual pixels have less burden on the darker areas of the screen saving the battery life. The same has been showcased by Google in its Android Dev Summit this week via slides that compared the power drawn with many different color backgrounds.

Google also suggested the developers to add a Dark Mode to their application as they will be able to save the battery life on the device and a chart was also displayed by Google at the event that showed at 50 percent screen brightness using a Pixel device. YouTube in Dark Mode consumes 14 percent lesser battery when compared to the normal mode and at 100 percent brightness, it consumes 60 percent less battery with the Dark Mode.

Another side revealed that the smartphone consumes 250mA of battery power on an AMOLED screen of Pixel smartphone when compared to 230mA of battery power used on an LCD screened Apple iPhone 7. In the Dark Mode, the battery consumption was reduced to 63 percent on the Pixel to 92mA. There was another stat that shows that 2016 model Pixel smartphone at a maximum brightness consumed around 330mA of power while its just 60mA of power used when the display is set at maximum Black.

Like the LCD panels, the AMOLED displays do not use a backlight and a black screen does not require Red, Green or Blue pixels which intern saves battery life. By offering the Dark Mode, Goole is trying to help save eyes as well as the battery on the smartphones, unlike its Material Design. Are you a fan of the Dark mode? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news and updates.



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