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Google Chrome for Android to Get iOS-like Gesture Support



Google Chrome is being one among the most preferred browsers around the globe from a long time and now it is likely to get the gesture-based navigations like we have seen on iOS with Safari for the intuitive navigation gestures that allow its users to go back and forward in a page by a simple swipe to the left or right. The company is said to be working on bringing this to Android as per the new commit posted to Chromium.

According to the commit, the new feature is in an early work-in-progress version of gesture navigation for Chrome’s Android App. It also mentioned that by over scrolling to the left or right the user will be able to quickly navigate forward or backward from the history. Moreover, Chrome for Android has offered a vertical pull to refresh gesture that is being used as the basis for these new horizontal gestures.

A developer also commented that it seems the end goal if the company is to have these gestures look and behave consistently with the same navigation gestures on Chome OS and as the work is still under progress, it will be taking few more weeks to see how the new navigation gestures lands in the Chrome Canary Android application. The gestures would still need to be enabled with a flag when it appears for testing.

The Gesture navigations need lots of testing as they are going to be mobile-friendly sites to use the swipe gesture to the left or right to change the pictures or even open a context menu. The team is also working on a few native pages like the New Tab page that can use the gesture. We already know the pull to refresh gesture is being used and new horizontal gestures will be based on the same. What are your views on this move from the Chromium team? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.



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