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Google Cards showing up on Google Now on Tap App



When last year the Mountain View giant announced the Google Now on Tap feature on the Google app, almost every Android user was swayed by the idea of searching anything from movies, to a restaurant, music to movies without leaving the current screen. It is the ultimate multitasking feature we all wanted. And eventually, we got it too, despite its limited roll out at first.

But if these new rumors are any indication, Google might be bringing the Cards feature on the Google Now on Tap app. Well, this has now become a whole new level. We mostly like the cards we see if we are in the Google app. Imagine the cards support in the Now on Tap function. The productivity as well as convenience would be all time high with that feature. You don’t have to leave the screen and still get more things done than ever.

Though, at some points, you may find it not useful when it doesn’t have nothing to display in results. And that is what Google is trying to improve by offering Cards on Now on Tap app. It makes the service vastly useful than it was before. This way On Tap has something to show regardless of the no results. Note that it is currently available for users who have signed up for beta channel of the Google app.

Google Now on Tap 1

For whoever already subscribed to the beta channel, they should start noticing the feature. As mostly have reported they indeed are seeing the Google Cards showing up in their Now on Tap interface. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then just scroll down to the see your cards that will include everything other than news and cards related to apps/sites.

How To Capture Screenshot with Google Now on Tap Feature

Since, the feature is still in beta stage, it can’t be made sure that’s how it would work in the official release, as final product may vary based on feedback provided by beta users. if you haven’t signed up for the beta channel of Google app, then now is the time if you’re looking to try out the new feature and want some changes as well depending upon your needs.


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