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Google Camera App with HDR+ & Portrait Mode Now Works on POCO F1 & Xiaomi Mi 8 – Download APK



Google Camera on certain devices can capture better images than the stock camera app. It all because of the Google expertise in the image processing. Compared to the dual camera smartphones, the Google Pixel smartphones with single cameras can capture some amazing shots. While Google stopped supporting the third-party devices, the ported version of the Google Camera app is now available for several devices. Now, The Xiaomi Mi 8 and POCO F1 (a.k.a POCOPHONE F1) are also included in that list.

Thanks to the Ukraine-based developer known as B-S-G, we now have the ported version of Google Camera for Xiaomi Mi 8 and POCO F1. While it was actually tweaked for the Xiaomi Mi 8, it also works on POCO F1 as it shares similar hardware. As of now, a couple of features are now working on the POCO F1. The latest Google Camera APK with the version 5.1.018 can be download from the below button.

Download Google Camera APK (POCO F1 & Mi 8)

Unlike many other Xiaomi devices, the Mi 8 and POCO F1 comes with Camera2 API enabled and the ported camera APK can be installed without unlocking the bootloader or any manual modifications. While the Portrait Mode, HDR+, and Video Recording features are working on the POCO, the ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag), Slow-Mo, and Smart Burst are not yet working. The HDR+ is one awesome feature to try out the Google Camera app, it can also crash quite a few times.


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