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Google appears to be testing new Features for it’s Google Search App



Google has been quite aggressive with their Apps recently and is constantly updating them with new features. On the same lines, we now have new reports stating that the company is now testing some new features for its Android App. These new features include a recent tab, an offline mode, and a possible new Lite mode as well. Do make a note that as of now only these new features have been spotted and there could be more under testing internally. However, these features itself are something new, and it looks like they will add a lot of value to the overall user experience.

According to the reports, few users see these features on their Google Search app. As mentioned earlier, these new features include new recent tabs which as the name suggests will allow users to go back and check out their recent searches. This is definitely not a new feature since users can already do it, but having all the recent searches in one place altogether definitely makes a lot of sense. Another new feature is the offline mode. This feature is quite unique and is something new. Having the ability to perform searches while being offline is surely going to be a lot helpful.

The new offline feature would save the searches you perform while your connection is not so good and then immediately notify you one you are back online and the search has been completed. With this new offline feature, there is another new feature called the Manage search. The Manage search option will allow users to manage the pending searches that are waiting to be completed in the background. If in case you wish to modify or delete them, then you can do that as well. And talking about offline mode due to lack of connection, there is also a new Lite features which are currently under testing.

The new Lite mode will be for those who have an internet connection but still aren’t able to take advantage of it since it might not be stable. When users are in a slow connection, the search results will show up as a toned down version without any images or videos; that would take time to load up. This feature would kick in by default if Google senses a slow connection just like it currently does in Chrome browser etc. where you automatically get an AMP optimized page. On the other hand, if you want to save this is a default mode for your results, then you can do that as well in case you are planning to save some more data.

Do make a note that all these changes that some users are seeing are server-side changes. That said, the final update may see all these features and more or may never see any of these. And we also don’t know when these features will be pushed to everyone. Hence we suggest you take stay put and enjoy the current version of the app until we get some more info on this. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for details on the same.


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