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Google Allo App No more in Top 500 Apps Chart, Do you still Use it?



Back in Google I/O last year when Google first introduced the Google Assistant where they simply couldn’t stop praising the capabilities of their new AI, the company also introduced two new apps called Allo and Duo. Ring any bells? Well, yes, we are talking about the new messaging app and the Video calling app here which were later for download from the Google Play Store. Initially, there was a lot of buzz surrounding these apps but soon now after a couple of months later, no one is actually talking about them anymore.

According to the new reports which we have, the Google Allo app is nowhere to be seen in the top 500 listings. Everyone was so out of the equation here that nobody noticed it. According to App Annie’s historical data, the app has actually fallen out of the top 500 several times in past couple of weeks. It is also evident from the chart. If you take a look at the chart, the numbers have started going down drastically, and it doesn’t look like it is going to get up and move anytime soon.

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This is indeed quite surprising because just two months back Allo was one of the top ones in the list. This could be due to a lot of reasons. First of all, the whole idea of having a personal assistant built right into a messaging app may seem like a great idea to implement, but if you think about it, the messaging apps out there are already quite good at what they are doing and changing from one to the other for something which you do on a daily basis is not something that everyone would want to do.

Also considering the fact that more and more apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram have started implementing new features like live video, etc.; not many people would be interested in trying out something like Allo which doesn’t really allow you to do much. Yes, indeed the personal assistant feature which understands what you are about to type, etc. is really great but it is still far from perfection. On the other hand, iMessage on iOS has really gotten better overtime. Recently they introduced a lot of new features with new interesting effects that take your messaging experience to a whole new level.

With that said, maybe in future, if Google comes up with some new interesting ideas for Allo and tries to make it better over time, then yes, it will surely be used by many, but as of now, Allo is certainly not the people’s choice right now when it comes to messaging apps. Let us know what do you think on this and also let us know if you are still using the app. Be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more details on this.


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