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Google adds new personal tab to show results from other Google services



Google adds a new feature to its search applications to improve its services further. Called as Personal, the new tab is capable of showing personalized search results of other Google services (to which the user has subscribed to) like Google+, Gmail and Google Calendar. From this new feature, the user can easily search for their Photos that are stored in Google photos and also for emails directly. These results are private which can be accessed only by the user and it can also be made private or public.

This new feature is available for both mobile clients as well as desktop and if you cannot find the Personal tab, you can head towards the More menu and find the settings. This feature will be saving a lot of time of the users and also makes it easier to them. Moreover, Google has been improving its services and has taken leaps of strives forward in past few years. Below are the things that this new feature can do.

  • The user can search for the events or the appointments by searching for my events
  • Check for the hotel reservation or any other reservations
  • Check for the bills that have to paid and also the due dates for them
  • Keep a note of the flight’s dates and travels dates if you are a regular traveler
  • Get to know the card payments or the EMI that has to be paid by the prescribed dates
  • Also, make sure that few of these searchers won’t be working in certain regions.

Recently, at the Google i/o, Google announced that Project Treble will be their next project and also has new plans to sort of modularize Android operating system. With the upcoming project, Google will be capable of bringing Android OS in an efficient way which can be useful in many ways. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news on the same and comment in the section below if you have more queries.



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